This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (6-11/01/2015)

Well the first full week of the new year has expired, the remnants of Christmas have all been shoved into the attic for another year and many people’s bodies are showing the ravages of the excess they partook in.

We’ve been spending the week travelling through time – we looked at the year that has just left and looking forward to the year still to come!

I’ve personally streamed quite a bit this week – and will stream; hopefully, just as much this coming week! Now that the intro is done here’s the posts you may have missed this week & my stream schedule for the week that is about to dawn.

Blog Posts.

MrJohnSherry’s game of the year!

Games to look forward to in 2015! Part 1

Games to look forward to in 2015! Part 2

Stream Schedule

This week will be a funny one for streaming, I suggest you follow my twitter/facebook pages for the most up-to-date streaming times but what follows is what I am planning on doing.

Mon: 9:30pm – 12am GMT

Tues: 9:30pm – 12am GMT

Wed: 9:30am – 12am GMT

Thurs: 9:30pm – 12am GMT


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