Games to look forward to in 2015! Part 2


Part two of our look forward to the year ahead includes Nintendo’s first new IP in over a decade, a movie from the 80s and a game/television show!

It’s all happening in 2015 and we hope you’ll spend it with us in LuvvaLuvva Towers!

You’d be foolish not to!

Let’s see what we can expect from our PS4s, Xbox Ones and Pcs over the next 11 1/2 months!

Mad Max (PC/PS4/XO)

The game of the movie! Much like Alien: Isolation before it Avalanche Studios have taken a movie from over twenty years ago and given it the love and attention it deserves! From the trailer we are guaranteed driving sections, third person cover mechanics and visceral melee attacks!

Mad Max could deliver everything Rage promised – and more! If this hits home like Alien: Isolation did – this could be a game of the year contender!

Quantum Break (XO) Release date: TBC

Aside from Halo – this title is the one that makes me jealous of Xbox One owners – Remedy’s plans for this are lofty; and no doubt unobtainable, I have no idea how a game and a television show can be synchronised but this negaively takes away from the staggering vision.

Quantum Break is a third-person cover based shooter with a USP of a time-manipulation – it looks interesting and game with this amount of potential and ambition is worthy of anyone’s attention.

The Division (PC/PS4/XO) Release date: TBC

This is a biggy! Originally intended for release last year but it was pushed back due to it “working well, but its not done” – a refreshing piece of honesty from the publisher who delivered Assassin’s Creed: Unity when it was clearly “not done” as well!

The premise for this third-person cover shooter (are you noticing a pattern here?) is a virus that was spread using Black Friday has caused the United States government to collapse after five days and a unpoliced population are at war for basic rations, medicine and (presumably) toilet paper.

The biggest mechanic that excites me is the fact that you inhabit a world with the divisions of other players – even in the story mode – the dynamic that this could add to the gameplay is mind-bogglingly good and if it is implemented correctly this could be THE game of 2015!

Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) Release date: TBC

A third-party game on the Wii U?!

Are you mad MrLuvvaLuvva?!

I’m not mad; and it’s not just any third-party title it is one of the biggest RPGs in the world, on the worst selling home console in modern memory – destined to be a big seller – it’s certainly a system seller and that is why Nintendo paid; presumably, big money to secure the exclusive rights.

I’m not usually a RPG gamer but this game looks incredibly good and with the companion title on 3DS at the same time this could prove to be a time-sink for me!

Yoshi and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U) Release date: TBC


It’s a claymation game! On a console! That genuinely looks like a movie!

The big selling point here is the Kirby games are usually good for relaxing, platforming goodness for everyone, this looks to maintain that niche on Nintendo’s home console – if we take into account the output from Nintendo in 2014 this game is sure to be a critical hit – it’s up to us to ensure it gets the commercial success it deserves!

Splatoon (Wii U) Release Date: TBC

This is a big deal for a number of reasons:

1) It’s nintendo’s first-ever attempt at a team based shooter

2) It’s Nintendo’s first new IP since Pikmin in 2001

This game looks classic Nintendo, it’s bright, colourful and looks like a crazy amount of fun.

Its premise was obviously created during a Nintendo sponsored opium party – because it features children with ink guns who can transform into squids that can traverse the levels using ink puddles left from said ink guns! CRAZY! I want it, and I think after watching the above video you’ll want it too!

Star Fox (Wii U) Release date: TBC

We haven’t had a new Star Fox game since the God-awful Star fox: Assault on the Gamecube!

We are well overdue a good – mainstream game and although there is very little available on the game at the minute Miyamoto is back in charge and that is always a good thing! In Shinji we trust!


Our next post will have my pick of the games coming in 2015!

It will also cover the games I don’t think will make it this year!

So the question is – what’s your most anticipated game coming this year?

And what games do you think will fall to 2016?

Tell us in the comments below!


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