MrJohnSherry’s game of the year 2014!

Friday saw MrLuvvaLuvva talk about the games that he enjoyed playing over the course of 2014…in the end he crowned one title his game of the year (henceforth to be referred to as GOTY) to find out which one why not click this handy link!

Here we are the first full week of blog posts in 2015 and MrJohnSherry has composed a list of his top games of 2014 and will crown his GOTY!

Before we begin let us reiterate the rules for GOTY which are:

1) I must have played the game.

2) Must have been released (in its entirety) between 01/01/14-31/12/14.

3) Cannot be a straight HD remake.

… all hail the King!

For me, 2014 was the year of the push back, games like Dying Light and The Division being delayed until this year (..for now!). We still had a few great releases this year though, and without further ado – My Top 3!

3) Watchdogs (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)


Sometimes in life having a bad attitude and a wonder-mobile device isn’t enough to win awards! comes close though

This game launched with A LOT of mixed feelings. People were angry at the downgrade in visuals from previous E3’s – even though they were only ever really a pipe dream! The actual game for me, was a massive surprise – I am not a massive Assassins Creed fan, so was not expecting much. This game is a massive step up from the AC franchise though, the game mechanics are a lot tighter, story line was gripping and massively superior to even the best Assassins Creed – it was just a very enjoyable experience! I really believed Ubi turned a corner! Then AC : Unity happened….

2) Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)


Kablooey in a new era – runner-up aint bad Kevin Space-eyes!

This is a franchise that is close to my heart, I have played every single one since the original Call of Duty. I have never been so disheartened in a franchise a few months prior to Advanced Warfares release, Ghosts had left a vile taste in my mouth. Sledgehammer won me back with this. Alot of people were very skeptical and accused Sledgehammers vision of being a “Titanfall rip-off”, apart from having crazy moving patterns, they aren’t even comparable for me. Titanfalls gunplay, and overall enjoyment comes nowhere near Advanced Warfare.

1) InFamous : Second Son (PS4)

Infamous 2

Native american? Chief Winning-Award! AMIRIGHT?!

I know off the bat that MrLuvvaLuvva is going to hate me for this one, but since he has stopped me from The Last of Us : Remastered as my GOTY (which would make it 2 years in a row for me!), I am picking the next best thing. The second game I got for my PS4, bought on release day, and I was addicted to this for several months. The visuals, the landscapes are just stunning to look at, and SuckerPunch seriously tightened up the controls and fighting mechanics for Delsins outing. If it wasn’t for Sony announcing First Light was coming free to PS4 this month (Tomorrow I believe for the UK), I would have bought that a month after release, but I still have it to look forward to!

Honorable Mentions:

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Far Cry 4 and DriveClub (and no, unlike MrLuvvaLuvva – I am not joking about this one!)

There we have it folks, the game of the year celebrations are over! Our first GOTY ceremony and it’s been wonderful!

As you can see our opinions differ; variety is the spice of life as they say!

So why not tell us what your GOTY 2014 was in the comments below!


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