My favourite gaming Christmas memory by MrJohnSherry


In our last blog post of the year – we finish our Christmas celebrations (BOO HISS!) MrJohnSherry has chosen his favourite Christmas gaming memory – once more we want to thank all of our readers for supporting us this year and we wish you all a very happy New Year.

Friday begins our discussions about our favourite game this year (our GOTY if you will) MrLuvvaLuvva will be choosing his favourite 3, Tuesday (because well be reverting back to our usual post days) will see MrJohnSherry choose and explain his 3 favourites.

A Tale Of Christmas Past


… Leave the memories alone

Let me take you back to the Christmas of 2000 (I think!), a year where I, MrJohnSherry, had put all of my childhood hopes in dreams into a little console known as the “Nintendo 64”. Up until that point in my life, the only Nintendo console I owned was the original Gameboy, and I wanted to see my beloved Pokémon in their full 3D glory!

The anticipation was reaching fever pitch in the run up to Christmas, would the fat man even bring me this? Was I deemed worthy to recieve such a gift, or had I been far to naughty that year? Let’s fast forward to the morning of Christmas. Little MrJohnSherry, gazes upon all his presents, but there seems to be one missing and my heart drops a little. Until I was informed that the big fat man, had left a present behind the sofa for me! Without a seconds notice, I dash to the rear of the sofa, and pull out this wrapped box. I think I must have grown extra arms at this point, because that wrapping paper didn’t last any amount of time at all.

This is when I saw, what can only be described as the gates of heaven. A limited edition Pokémon N64 with Pokémon Stadium! I also got a copy of Pokémon Snap!

N64Pokemon Stadium

Glorious! My good behaviour throughout the year had been greatly rewarded! Over the next few weeks, I cained Pokémon Snap and Pokémon stadium – two of the best Pokémon games ever made in my opinion – well, besides the usual RPG ones!


The N64 grew to be one of my favourite consoles of all time, with classic titles such as Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, WWF No Mercy – it would be hard for it not to be!


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