This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (22-28/12/2014)

Just because Christmas has come doesn’t mean we’re stopping our march forward with posts and streams – this week has seen us near the finish line of Christmas 2014 posts and Boxing Day saw us begin our short series of favourite Christmas gaming memories (thanks for the submission Xcellante!) – which will continue until New Years – afterwards we will be discussing our game of the year choices for your entertainment!

When the new year comes we will be implementing some new initiatives to make the blog even better!

Happy New Year guys!

Blog Posts

Santa’s greatest cameos

Local multiplayer games you should be playing today!

My favourite gaming Christmas memory by Xcellante

Stream Schedule

For those of you that missed it MrJohnSherry and I did a short live stream on Christmas day and had a cracking time! Here’s the highlights and why not give us both a follow on twitch? MrLuvvaLuvva’s Twitch. MrJohnSherry’s Twitch

Ginac? Gignac? Geegnac?

Pronunciation isn’t my strong point.

Guardians of the Galaxy and Team America: World Police are the same movie …right?

Smatch of the day

Again with the holidays streaming is going to be on a ‘whenever I find the time’ basis! Follow me on twitter/facebook/twitch (all links on right sidebar) for streaming updates including times and notifications when I start my streams!


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