Local multiplayer games you should be playing tomorrow!


Hopefully Santa will give you everything you want and that at least one gift is a video game. Presumably everyone will have family visiting tomorrow and this means that your gaming time will be severely limited for fear of being “anti-social”!

Fear not dear reader!

There is an easy way of getting around this is by whipping out those local multiplayer titles that allow you to sociable while still partaking in that gaming goodness!

Here’s a few titles you should be playing tomorrow with granny, granddad, niece, nephew, son, daughter or wife – anyone who darkens your door should be given a controller and sat in front of the TV to play!

The key to a good local multiplayer title is that it should be simple or very accessible, the following list were chosen because of their universal appeal and easy to understand mechanics and controls.

5) Super Smash Bros (Wii U)


Merry Smash-mas!

I must admit that ‘Smash Bros’ is not my cup of tea (I much prefer Street Fighter or any other traditional brawler) but amongst my friends it is incredibly popular and seeing how many WiiU’s this game sold in November I am willing admit that I’m squarely in the minority of ‘Smash Bro’ underappreciaters.

The BIG reason its made it onto my list is the fact that allows up to 8 players to beat the shit out of each other locally! This gets my attention and especially on Christmas Day it would be quite easy to convince 7 others to play and that gets my attention; as it should yours.

4-player in SSB is mad, I can barely imagine 8-player with granny and mum – would be brilliant fun I imagine. The confusion, the laughter – the fun! And that’s what it is all about today and every day.

4) Towerfall Ascension (PS4/PC)


Boweux Noel!

Towerfall will look familiar to the older members of your family (Dad, Mum etc) because it has that 16-bit graphical style and 2D platforming prevalent in the Megadrive/SNES days and this will make them more likely to partake in the joys that it possesses!

The simple 3-button control scheme reinforces the idea that this game is for everyone and its death-match ideals will draw in your COD obsessed little brother! This game is for everybody and the competition that it incubates is one that will keep your family around the TV trying to one up each other for hours.

There is most definitely a hidden-depth to the game and those savvy gamers (even relatively new ones) will learn tactics that work better than others – becoming a battle of the wits as well as reflexes – like a digital scrabble with arrows rather than double/triple word score.

3) Singstar (PS3/PS4)

singstarSing Dan Kuai Le (that’s actually a pun derived from Happy Christmas in Mandarin! #Learning)

Let’s be honest here, Christmas is about a snifter of port (or wine/beer/whiskey) and people who are in a good mood get jolly and may want to sing! This is where ‘Singstar’ comes in. Get everyone to download the app and everyone can be a living room diva instantly! With a massive library of songs there is something for everyone from baby Johnny to Grandpa Joe – all their favourites are there! Even ‘Let it go’ from Frozen is in there! you know that equals Christmas fun!

Sing your heart out – like a choir of pissed angels!

2) Nintendoland (Wii U)

nintendo land

Ninty Burunya Chou (Dagbani pun)

Now we come to the first ‘asymmetrical’ multiplayer title and of course this innovation comes from the brains of Nintendo and into your pleasure sensors all of them at once!

Yes it’s a mini-game compilation – but it’s a Nintendo mini-game compilation and that makes it more pleasurable than a back rub from Claudia Schiffer while the two of you enjoy a unicorn ride through a peaceful middle earth on your way to a royal wedding! We have games based on ‘Luigi’s Mansion’, ‘Zelda’, ‘Mario’ and ‘Animal Crossing’ – bliss.

Spend your Christmas chasing Mario, hunting ghosts and battling one another!

Ho Ho Boo?

1) Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)


Mario Kurisumasu (Japanese pun)

The daddy of local multiplayer! Mario Kart! With added blue shell defense! ‘Mario Kart’ is an amazing experience for everyone who picks up a controller to play it – but you don’t need me to tell you this – you need to tell your Nana and Grampa! So do it as you thrust the controller in their hands – remember though, never ever drink and ‘Mario Kart’…

…unless your playing the ‘Mario Kart’ drinking game (a drink everytime you get hit by an item).

Honourable mentions.

Rockband 3 (Xbox 360/PS3)


Thank God it’s Christmas! (that’s a Queen song btw)

This is my personal favourite local multiplayer game ever – that’s because I fancy myself as a lead-man in a particularly shite rockband! It is such a good game with a massive catalogue of songs (that are unfortunately disappearing due to lapsing licence deals) so get in there if you haven’t already; pick up your instrument of choice and create rock magic this Christmas!

Will you be playing local multiplayer games this Christmas Day?

Who with?

And what will you be playing?

Tell us in the comments below!



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