This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (15-21/12/2014)

And so we have arrived! Christmas week! YAY! I’m super excited for Christmas (because I’m a giant child who still get excited about these things; but it is also the time that the internet stops.


We will post on schedule as usual! What will change however is that we will be posting our favourite  Christmas gaming memories stories – so do keep visiting the page for top-quality content (since when have we produced top-quality content?) during your holidays and leave us comments (we will endeavour to reply).

So here we go, the penultimate recap of the year! We want to extend a giant thank you to our readers all 4,500 of you – you guys are the best and without your support there would literally be no blog – again THANK YOU ALL!

Check out what we’ve done this week and stayed tuned for next year, we have a few ideas to make this blog even better!

Merry Christmas everybody! Be safe and keep gaming!

Blog Posts

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – “No turning Back” review

The Walking Dead Season 2 – A (very) concise review

Games that use Christmas properly

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Stream Schedule

Our stream schedule will be up in the air this week! I don’t know if I’ll stream much – I will say this much – At the time of writing (19/12/14) MrJohnSherry and I are planning to have a special live stream on Christmas Day! Be sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook (links to the right) and keep up-to-date with our plans – there may be drink and banter involved!

Once more guys, thank you for reading the ramblings of mine and have a very Merry Christmas! Until 2015!


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