The Ghosts of Christmas Past

….Where Did You Go, My Lovely?

Ghost of Christmas PastThere have been a few games, of the years gone by, where we have got hyped beyond all belief, only for the games to not only disappear – but the studios remain completely silent on their whereabouts. Here, we will look at the games we should have had a choice of playing this holiday season yet are notable in their absence.

5) Star Wars 1313 (PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One)

Officially unveiled at E3 2012, Star Wars 1313 caused quite the stir within the gaming world. An action-adventure Star Wars game?! Yes please! Alas, apart from 1 (1!) game footage video, we never saw a snippet of video on the game since. In fact, we never heard very much at all about it, until late 2013 when Disney announced they had chosen not to renew the trademark, and it has now since been abandoned. I think if Disney made a comment on this particular IP abandonment, it would probably go along the lines of “Let It Go”.

4) Shenmue 3 (Anything!)


Ryo! Why for you not show up again?

This is one which will probably never happen, although a small (vocal) pocket within the game company still clamours for any hope that this game will one day see the light of day! Unfortunately for us all, that hope probably died when the Sega Dreamcast met its untimely demise. A few game developers within the community have been speaking for the last year or two how much they would love to see a new game within the franchise, mainly Shuhei Yoshida. Is Sony the only studio who sees the promise of this particular title? Or will they too let it slip away? Save us Sony, you’re our only hope!

3) Half – Life 3 (PC)

Half-Life 3 concept

Wait a minute, its 19:33 as I type this – 19:33! 33! 3! HL3 confirmed!

Been rumoured for years and years now. In fact, Valve hasn’t even finished Half Life 2 yet! You know those 3 episodic games which would tie up the story arc of HL2? Yeah, never been finished. So surely, they panned it to pour development funds and effort into HL3? Yeah, sadly, it doesn’t look that way neither! So what does the future hold for our old friend Gordon Freeman? Will he ever be unleashed on the world again? Or is Gabe Newell laughing at us all, while he is the only one who will ever play the game? Either way, it has been over 7 years since any significant developments on either Half Life project. Blimey!

2) The Last Guardian (PS3)


I wept at ICO, I wept at Shadow of the Colossus! I WANT TO WEEP AGAIN DAMMIT!

Ahhh the Last Guardian. Originally unveiled at E3 2009, TLG was being developed by Team Ico and SCE for the Playstation 3, and the world lost its collective mind. It looked absolutely stunning, and with Team Ico behind the game, surely this was going to be a game which could define a console, but maybe even an entire generation of consoles? Sadly, it did not pan out this way; you see The Last Guardian has vanished off the face of the Earth. The last team it was even mentioned was at an interview in 2013, where Shuhei Yoshida said they were waiting for the “right time” to re-show The Last Guardian. Every year, I get my hopes up; surely this will be the time for Sony to unleash the game? I look forward to getting my hopes dashed once again at E3 2015!

1) A New Crash Bandicoot (Literally anything, I will pay for any console, just give me Crash damnit!)

Crash Bandicoot

Hopefully this guy will land in a PS4 near you soon! WE NEED YOU CRASH!

Ok, so this has never been confirmed, only heavily, heavily rumoured, but I would literally give a kidney for a reboot. Not just any reboot though, I don’t want any old studio to pick this up – oh no! I want it to be hand nurtured by Sony Studios, with Mark Cerny at the helm! Hell, Jason Rubin can help him, just give it to me! The wait for a new Crash Bandicoot game has already been far too long!


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