The Walking Dead Season 2 – A (very) concise review


Individual episode reviews can be found by clicking the following links; Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4, Episode 5.

Over the course of two-week we have been reviewing ‘Season 2’ of Telltales ‘The Walking Dead’ and while each episode has its own score – we thought it only fitting that we review the season as a whole, as a game in its own right.

As always this is completely spoiler-free and is a very brief synopsis of our thoughts on the game.

Although throughout the season Telltale take some very peculiar choices with characters and their story lines it is still an incredibly powerful reminder that video games can be an incredibly powerful story-telling medium. It also serves to highlight the damning fact that many developers shy away from this undoubted power and deliver cliche-ridden story lines that long overstay their welcome.

If Telltale are to do a Season 3 (they are, it has been confirmed) they need to look at ways to reinvigorate the game – this season has been immense and I fear if they do the same for a third time it will lose all of its emotional power and leave gamers disappointed. I think if they can use the final episode as a starting point they could evolve ‘The walking dead’ into a true powerhouse of a franchise – our decisions must mean something and they must have real consequences. If Telltale could marry true interactivity (more traditional game elements) into this franchise along with hard-hitting, difficult decisions they would have to be considered a truly great developer.


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