This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (8-14/12/2014)

Christmas is coming up fast, and our Christmas posts keep on coming! With MrJohnSherry firmly planting his feet under the table this week and cementing that Saturday slot for himself – it’s been another good week!

On stream I beat my own personal demon; level 6 on ‘Alien:Isolation’, our posts just keep getting better and better and our readership continues to grow! Long may it continue!

This is the last week for submissions for our Christmas season of posts so if you want to submit a ‘Christmas Gaming Memory’ you have until Sunday! We have yet to receive any – so please, please support us with your input – fire an email to with your Christmas gaming memories!

Onwards to what you may have missed last week.

Blog Posts.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – “In Harms way” review

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – “Amid the ruins” review

Games To Get Your Teeth Into This Holiday Season…

Stream Schedule.

This week is the last week of work, it is also a busy week! So that means our streaming is going to be a bit messed up. It’s definitely worth catching though as we’ve had plenty of banter this week on stream (check out the embedded videos for proof!). Bear in mind that this may change at any time – keep an eye on our twitter/facebook for any changes.

Mon – 9:30pm – 12am GMT

Tues – 9:30pm – 12am GMT

Wed – 9:30pm  – 12am GMT


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