This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (01-07/12/14)

It’s been a special week here at LuvvaLuvva Towers! First we celebrated our 100th post (I know right?) officially making us the little blog that could! Second we sorted out all the little niggly, recurring and annoying gremlins from our live streams and kept on going with those. Finally MrJohnSherry kick-started our Christmas season of posts on Saturday. It’s that time of week again (actually we’re a day late) where we give you all of our posts in a handy clickable form!

Here come those links!

Blog Posts.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – “All that remains” review

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – “A House Divided” review

The best Christmas Easter eggs…



This week we threw our current play through of the Resident Evil series out the window and got stuck into ‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’ and completed the first three episodes (review of the third is incoming tomorrow). We also finally got passed mission 6 in ‘Alien: Isolation’ and played a little ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ (albeit incredibly drunk).

This week our schedule is a bit up in the air…here’s a preliminary schedule but check on our twitter and facebook:

Tuesday – 10pm – Midnight GMT

Friday – 10pm – Whenever I fall asleep at the controller GMT

Saturday – 9am – 2pm GMT


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