The best Christmas easter eggs…

… But without the chocolate.



MrJohnSherry is kick-starting our celebration here at LuvvaLuvva Towers! Enjoy the Christmas vibe and remember video games are for life, not just Christmas.

Easter eggs have become common place within the video game industry, a little bit of fun to get gamers into the festive spirit. The question must be asked though, which use the best implementation? In this piece, we will delve into my personal Top 5 Christmas Easter Eggs, accompanied by not so witty word play!

5) ‘Madden’ (PlayStation 2) – While this isn’t the most spectacular Easter Egg, I think it is a great touch on behalf of the developers over at EA. When played on Christmas Day, commentators will wish the player a Merry Christmas! [EA Announcer Voice] E – A Sports, It’s in the game (and this time, it really is!)

4) ‘Singstar Junior’ (Playstation 3) – Again, while not spectacular, the developers over at London Studio acknowledge that their game is best (and perhaps only) suited to a party situation, and is there a bigger party situation than at Christmas Day?! When played on Christmas Day, it will unlock a seasonal trophy titled “Happy Holidays”. Talk about hitting the right note!

3) ‘Shenmue’ (Dreamcast) – Ok, ok! While not strictly a real world triggered Easter Egg, it is still in my top 5. When the in-game Calender clock hits December 25th, the streets will become littered with Christmas decorations and trees. There is even a man dressed as Santa Claus advertising the shops on Dobuita Street.

2) ‘Animal Crossing’ (most Nintendo platforms) – During the Christmas period, the town will be covered in snow,certain trees around the village will be adorned in Christmas decorations and your town will be visited by a special visitor; Jingle the reindeer. The mayor will also hand out special items during the holiday season. Well, it is the season to be giving out gifts…

1) ‘Christmas NiGHTS’ (Sega Saturn) Christmas NiGHTS started off as a 2 level demo found in the Spring Valley level on the main NiGHTS Into Dreams game. When played through the months of November to January, the level will get progressively more Christmas-sy, in November the whole level will be covered in snow, but come December; presents, Christmas Trees and even Elves will be found throughout the level. “I’m dreaming, of a whiiiteee…Christmas.”

Honorable mention: Majority of MMO’s. Every MMO will have a seasonal event based around Christmas. My personal favourite was during my long playing career with World of Warcraft, where seasonal quests will be giving and for your reward for doing them, season aesthetic items, such as Santa Hats, Santa Robes, as well as major cities in the game getting a major overhaul with Christmas trees and other decorations.

Have you got any of these games sitting under your tree?

Do you have your own gaming Christmas traditions?

Let us know in the comments section below!



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