This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (24-30/11/2014)

We’ve had a pretty good week here at LuvvaLuvva Towers. Black Friday provided some good gaming deals, ‘The Crew’ gave us it’s final public BETA (we’re updating our thoughts this week) and Shroud of the Avatar was released (to zero fanfare – it sneaked out really). Posts have been like clockwork and streams were more regular too!

All-in-all a good week.

This week sees us start our holiday celebrations with a holiday post. On the topic of Christmas – we are still to receive any of your favourite Christmas memories so please contribute by emailing – let’s make this holiday season a community one!

Blog Posts.

Here’s the list of the posts we created this week. Why not read those you missed and comment on those you already have! We love hearing from or readers, let’s contribute and make this blog our own!

The blog needs you!

How Nintendo survived and won 2014.

Best Fighting Games ever!

7/10 game-a-thon: ‘Gone Home’


This coming week we will be continuing with our play-through of the Resident Evil series; continuing with Code Veronica and moving on to Zero.

We will be breaking up that playlist with Shroud of the Avatar with MrJohnSherry (at times). Join us on that and see Lord British’s new game over at

Stream Schedule

Monday 1/12/14 – 10pm – 1am GMT

Tuesday 2/12/14 – 10pm – 1am GMT

Friday 5/12/14 – 10pm – I get tired GMT

Saturday 6/12/14 – 10am – 2pm GMT

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