The blog needs you! (Updated 11/12/2014)




We still haven’t received any submissions 😦

Although a massive thanks to J3w3l for the shout out on her blog!

Hopefully it builds awareness of what we are trying to do here…we are still open to submissions of your favourite Christmas video-game memories so fire us an email to with your submission.


As I mentioned in the recap post two weeks ago, we are hoping to run a series of posts over the festive period on our communities favourite gaming memories; this is still our aim but at the time of writing we haven’t received any submissions; which is a real shame.

We really want to start creating a community here and it’s here that you guys come in.

Christmas is all about sharing; that’s why we feel it’s fitting if you guys would share with us your favourite Christmas videogame memories!

I have several stories and MrJohnSherry also has a few.

We know that everyone has those Christmas memories and because it’s our first Christmas as a blog we’re dying to get to know you guys, our readers!

Fire us an email @ and tell us your story (Subject line: Favourite Christmas Memory).

All you have to do is send us an email, include your story (no more that 500 words please) and your name – please don’t think that others will send their stories; that’s not happening! Be proactive and send us your Christmas gaming memories!

So help us to create a community, help your blog, we’ll love you for it!

We’ve also started a facebook profile page, we need your delicious, delicious likes – so make sure you feed us them by clicking the image! (Please do like and follow our Facebook page)



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