This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (10-16/11/14) plus we need your input!

It’s been a big week here at LuvvaLuvva Towers! After being asked on several different occasions we created our Facebook profile page! So get over there and like us! On top of that we have been streaming and posting our regular posts.

We’ll be keeping the pace up to Christmas!

We are also putting out a calling card, we’re hoping to run a series of special posts over the festive period all we need you to do is send us an email using he contact form at the bottom of this post (or use our Facebook page to contact us)! Tell us the story of your favourite gaming related Christmas present; don’t forget to say why it’s your favourite (no more than 500 words guys!).

Without you guys reading this blog would be nothing. We think this would be an excellent opportunity to start building a sense of community, so please do get in contact with us!

Blog Posts

Hungry Horde review

Singstar: Ultimate Party review

Children in Need: Top children characters in video game

We are on Facebook!


Even thought our stream was derailed on Saturday by our temperamental internet connection we still found time to defeat ‘Resident Evil 3’, start ‘Resident Evil Code Veronica X’ and play a whole load of ‘Alien: Isolation’.

This week we are going to try to nail down a schedule; we’ll be playing Monday, Tuesday and Friday evening at 9pm GMT and Saturday morning from 9am GMT.

Here’s a snippet of our play through of ‘Resident Evil’ on GameCube.

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