This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (3-9/11/14)

Another week over. Christmas adverts on the TV reminding us that we are woefully underprepared for it! Big changes coming to the blog (that we’ll announce in good time) and yet; the posts keep coming and the streams keep going!

It’s no bit of wonder if you have missed anything this week, you are only human and that’s where this recap post comes in…we’re going to put everything in a handy dandy post with links and everything!


Blog Posts.

Evolve Alpha…our thoughts

The best racing games ever?

Movember: The greatest human moustaches in gaming

We also got round to adding our thoughts about ‘Vault of Glass’ to our original ‘Destiny’ review. that can be found here Destiny review (Raid update 8/11/14).

Next week we will be updating our ‘The Crew’ thoughts post taking into account the latest round of BETA testing going on.


Stream VODs (videos on demand in case you’re wondering)

We streamed a lot this week so we’re going to link you to our past broadcast page so you can enjoy whichever one you want! We love you that way and much guys; just click the image below to be whisked away to a land of video game streaming.

If you like our streams why not follow me to get a handy dandy notification to your mobile device of choice?






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