Movember: The greatest human moustaches in gaming

The first full week of Movember has come and gone.

My moustache is continuing it’s journey from embarrassing smudge to fully fledged glorious addition to my face!

Continuing on from last week we are looking at the best moustaches in gaming, this time those that adorn a human mug! Without further ado let us introduce you to the best moustaches in videogames the human edition (with a pre-order bonus of moustache!).

Captain Price (Call of Duty)

captain_price_superThis fine soldier has appeared in pretty much every ‘Call of Duty’ game and he is always sporting a fine piece of facial furniture. The ‘Call of Duty’ games take place all over the shop (time wise speaking) so that means that it is not the same Captain Price; that would be impossible.

Safe in the knowledge of this fact we come to the only possible conclusion…this man’s moustache was so glorious it became an actual and integral part of the Price family DNA! This ensures that every male member on the Price-line will have a beautiful nose neighbour…doesn’t that just give you a warm feeling?

If yes that’s jealousy! You know you’ll never be able to grow a moustache so full, so uniform, so impressive and it hurts!

Dr Robotnik/Eggman (Sonic)


When he’s not building robots or chasing a blue hedgehog across the planet Dr Robotnik is the CEO of a world famous moustache comb and care products company.

It’s actually a little known fact that the “beef” Robotnik has with Sonic is that once Sonic and his buddies made fun of an early, patchy version of his facial fur.

This angered the Dr so much he swore to grow a moustache so magnificent that Sonic; and the world, would marvel at it and cry. I don’t know about you but the tears are streaming down my face as I write this because it is such a beautiful example of what can be grown when you’re truly dedicated to the art of facial furniture.

Dr Robotnik you sir are a hero!

Heihachi (Tekken)


The man whose more famous for his hair than he is for his history of child abuse.

Seriously this man threw his son off a cliff because he was more powerful than him! Crazy!

Know what else is crazy? His moustache! Crazy good that is!

He has taken inspiration from Hulk Hogan but in the greatest “fuck you” ever, he has improved on the blueprint significantly! His moustache makes him look like he’s constantly frowning, but in fact Heihachi is the happiest mofo in the world…because of this moustache!

If you dare say to him it looks shit, you better have made a deal with the devil, thats the only way you’re surviving!

Dudley (Street Fighter)


Not the most famous boxer in either England or Street Fighter, but he surely has the best moustache in either.

What it lacks in body it more than makes up with class, Dudley has spent far too much time ensuring that his nose neighbour is clean, neat and expertly styled! The result is a tach that is magnificent in it’s own right!

Opting for the classic Victorian Handlebar design ensures that this facial furniture is timeless and always classy. Like Ron Burgundy’s scotch it always stays classy and goes down smooth….it’s “kind of a big deal”.

Sir Hammerlock (Borderlands)


Another moustache of the handlebar variety, another moustache that is simply glorious! Sir hammerlock needs to renamed Sir Handlebar! ba dum tish!

Did we miss your favourite moustache? Tell us in the comments!


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