This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (27/10-2/11/14)

This week has been another good one at LuvvaLuvva towers. We’ve had a LOT of fun on twitch playing our way (and beating it last night) through the ‘Resident Evil’ Remake on GameCube! We’re moving on the second this week on twitch, so if you enjoy survival horror, come check me out!

We’ve also had a lot of fun with our posts; we celebrated Hallowe’en in a fashion that only we could! and started our celebration of all things moustache! We will be running one post a week on the topic of movember, so enjoy!

Blog Posts.

Hallowe’ek Horror: Forgotten horror games.

Hallowe’ek horror: Frightfest 2014 finale…

Movember: Greatest non-human game moustaches

High Scores (Bragoberfest closing)

‘Pix the Cat’ – 912,450 was my final high score, despite my best efforts it was too high a mountain to climb and defeat! Although i’d like to thank Murf for giving me the incentive to strive to improve; it was great fun constantly trying to eek more score out of an absolutely superb puzzler!

912000 Pix

‘Pac-Man DX Championship Edition’ – (10 minute run) 2,317,730, (5 minute run) 1,214,990 again, this was a score that was too high to beat. Disappointed that I couldn’t give Izlain a better run for his money. No shame in it because his score was crazy good!




We streamed pretty much everyday this week. We played ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Evolve’ and it was really good fun!

In the coming week we will be streaming Monday, Tuesday & Friday nights at 10pm GMT and Saturday morning at 9am GMT. Do come join us, say hi and join in the craic! We’d love to have you, dont know where we are? click the pic…



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