Hallowe’ek horror: Frightfest 2014 finale…


My idea to have a season of posts relating to the survival horror genre of gaming has proved to be incredibly popular with you guys! Each week my ‘Frightfest’ post has been the most read; this shows me that I am not the only one passionate about this oft-forgotten and maligned genre. I’d like to thank you all for that!

For our final post on the topic I thought we’d do something a little bit different…rather than picking an aspect of the genre and write about it, I reached out to the community, friends and family…each person gave me a great idea that I feel would be a shame to ignore. As a result I am going to create a Frankenstein Monster of a blog post…taking a few of the very good ideas I was given! I want to thank the guys who gave me the ideas RandyRaichu, MunkayMagic, MrJohnSherry and the others whose name I have forgotten!

Let me introduce to you the community created…Frankenpost..

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare (mainly due to really poor photoshop skills)…so only enter IF YOU DARE!

Video game Cosplay

With Hallowe’en just a few hours away I’m sure there are many of you running around looking for the last minute costume. Well video game characters have the same passion for costumes as we do…in fact they may love it even more. Here is THE cosplay that I would love to see.

Sonic cosplay

The fastest plumber in the world!

Like my; utterly amazing, photoshop skills Sonic has been the victim of abuse, much of it is deserved! In the early to mid-nineties he was a gaming icon that seemed untouchable…then it all went wrong. It all started with ‘Flicky’s Island’ a terrible isometric game of collecting birds and it got worse for the poor mascot.

Every hallowe’en, he dresses up as his favourite gaming icon; Mario! This let’s Sonic feel whats it’s like to still be loved the globe over! It gives him a sense of purpose and staves off suicide for another year… Good on you sonic!

Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not fabulous!

I still think this is a better look than the ‘Sonic Boom’ redesign.

Horror game monsters alternative lives.

1) Slenderman –  Every man has a dream, and slender is no different…his dream was one his parents told him to forget! Slender couldn’t let go; it consumed him, he is constantly following agents who happen to stumble upon his forest in the hope they will sign him up and get him a gig…as…a Vincent Price impersonator…he’s a good one too!

Slender Price

Introducing…Slender Price

2) The Nemesis – We all know that he was the result of a science experiment gone bad…but even the Nemesis has a dream, he wants to further mankind’s knowledge of science…however with a face like his you best hope medical science comes on leaps and bounds. That’s why he went into the field of…Plastic surgery! That’s correct guys, the Nemesis is now one of the world’s foremost expert in the field of facial reconstruction!


STARS? No I asked if you had SCARS! I can help!

Horror games still to come

 2014 has been an excellent year for the survival horror enthusiast! This year alone we got treated to ‘Outlast’, ‘Alien Isolation’, ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’, ‘Dreadout’ and ‘The Evil Within’ standing out amongst countless indie horror titles. Now that the dust has settled and each of these big titles have sold well this wave of interactive horror is showing no signs of slowing down; let alone stopping.

Lets take a look at what horrors are still to come:

Dying Light – From the creators of ‘Dead island’ (but don’t let that put you off) comes another game featuring zombies. It uses an interesting day/night cycle in which the zombies are far more aggressive at night and using resources to pit players against one another this could offer some very real scares!

Asylum –  An indie title that was borne of kickstarter and takes place in the Hanwell Mental Institute which is partially based on elements of real asylums. The game will have “twisty storytelling” and “horrifying revelations,” and an cerebral horror (which we scientifically proved is better than jumpscares), much like ‘Silent Hill’. This looks interesting and could offer thrills much like ‘Outlast’. Maybe one to watch.

Silent Hills – After the huge success of it’s proof of concept trailer ‘P.T’ comes this horror game. Nothing is known about it except Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Torro are creating everything from scratch…I’m in!

The Forest (final release) – Again this is another indie title that is already available as an early access title that pits the player against cannibals in…you guessed it a forest. Frequently updated it sounds like it’s a proper blast…Izlain swears by it.

Routine – Looks to be inspired by ‘Alien Isolation’ and ‘SCP: Containment Breach’ looks a very interesting game. Again it is an indie. And again it features creatures in a space station. The trailer says it all…have a watch.

The following video features horror game already released and the above ones i’ve mentioned…enjoy.

In closing of our first ever ‘Frightfest’.

I can’t believe that October is over, and so is out first ever fright fest! I had so many ideas on other posts I could have done, there’s always next year guys!

In the meantime I am currently streaming Resident Evil: Remake (followed by the rest of the series) over on twitch! I’ll be streaming tonight and some Evolve on Saturday! Tune in and follow me for your fix of average horror gameplay!

To close I want to leave you with some choice music tracks from horror games!

Have a happy hallowe’en and stay scary guys! I


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