This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (20-26/10/14)

We had a particularly good week this week; in fact October is officially our busiest month ever! We still have 5 days too! It’s unbelievable how much you guys are supporting the site and I am very grateful!

Back to business the streams keep coming, as do the blog posts!

So why not kick back, put your feet up and read our hand-dandy guide to what you may have missed this week? As stated yesterday we improved our ‘Pix the Cat’ score and failed in our attempts at improving our ‘Pac-Man’ score…we have one more week, we must succeed in our journey!

Without further ado – let us recap on our previous week.

Blog Posts.

The reaction towards ‘Hatred’ and how it is NOT warranted.

Movies that would make great horror games.

The bragging continues.


This week is a break for me (YAY!), so i’ll be streaming a lot more (YAY!), so why not join me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9am – 2pm GMT? I’ll be playing ‘Alien: Isolation’ and other horror games to celebrate Hallowe’en including ‘Resident Evil’ (The Gamecube remake) and ‘Resident Evil 2’… join me my friends and together we will put the fear of God into gaming! click the pic to go straight to my channel…




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