The bragging continues


Bragging isn’t something that comes easy to us…well alright it kinda does…we love having something to sing from the rooftops and this week has been a pretty good one for us at LuvvaLuvva Towers™! Boy do we have plenty to brag about this week…let’s start with the score updates.

‘Pix the Cat’ score update (912,450)

If you have been joining me on my live streams (if not, why not?) there’s no doubt that you would have seen my pretty epic run on ‘Pix the Cat’. It was a run that was coming and it was a superb effort that required a ton of concentration. Eventually though (after a good 35 minutes of failing) I racked up a score of 912, 450!! I’m absolutely confident that this will be a winning score; however I feel there is still some serious improvement that I can make on this number. Watch this space.

912000 Pix

I wanted to upload the highlights of this video, but for some reason the twitch encoding is off so enjoy my screenie; if I can get the video working, i’ll upload it here!

Doone’s Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ challenge 

My score hasn’t changed in the 5 minute run on the highway course so it’s still 1,214,990, however I noticed that Izlain was currently trying to improve his 10 minute run score so I thought i’d weigh in with my score of 2,317,730.

It’s still nowhere near Izlain’s but it is crawling up slowly! One week left, is there enough time to pass his hugely impressive score? Fingers crossed guys!


Mrluvvaluvva now comes with Pasta Games seal of approval

This week I got a very nice tweet from the guys at ‘Pasta Games’! I sent them a link to my review and they were suitably impressed that they felt the need to tell me on twitter!

I’m not gonna lie guys, this made my day big time! It felt great to know that there is someone out there who enjoys what I’m trying to do here and it was even better knowing that it is the people who created on of my favourite games this year.

Afterwards I also got some DMs from the guys and they had nothing but good things to say about me…


… Again it feels awesome when people ‘get’ what you do and appreciate it! Those guys @Pastagames know how to make a guy feel good! thanks guys! Go follow them!

Streaming update.

A few weeks ago we stated that we’d sorted out the streaming gremlins; well they rared their ugly heads in our past few streams and have been playing havoc with our voice levels! After exchanging emails with Hauppauge about these issues I had no choice but to jump ship to another streaming software.

Welcome to Xsplit…I must admit this software is much, much more sophisticated and it works like an absolute dream! Our streams our now more hi-tech as they now include a face cam and voice you can hear! Hurrah! We will beat mission 6 of ‘Alien: Isolation’ even if it kills us!

Although this week we had our highest ever stream viewer count – a mighty 25, watch me go guys!


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