Movies that would make great horror games.


We’ve had an influx of horror games in 2014; most recently with the release of ‘The Evil Within’. The one that i’ve been playing loads is ‘Alien: Isolation’ (in public too! go to my twitch) and although I haven’t finished it; it is a great game that us ‘Alien’ fans have been waiting on. This got me thinking of other horror movies that would make great games.

Take my hand and follow me as I travel through the annuls of horror movie history and pick those horror franchises that would make great games.

Halloween (1978)


Is that you in the wardrobe?

The Movie: Classic slasher fare. Teenage girl goes to babysit, ends up running for her life in the face of the; seemingly indestructible, deranged masked murderer Michael Myers (no; not Austin Powers).

The Game: The seminal slasher hit has never (to my knowledge) had a successful video game tie-in and to be honest I have no idea why this is. Imagine being Laurie Strode; you and a few friends are going to a normal house for another evenings babysitting. It could build slowly; giving you menial tasks such as get the kid to bed, ring your boyfriend, play truth or dare etc. Soon your friends don’t come back from simple errands; the game will send you on the search for them, giving you audio and visual clues to what happened. Cranking up the horror and tension with each disappearance. Eventually find yourself the target of Michael Myers.

Once the poop hits the fan and Myers turns up I think that this game could work just like ‘Alien: Isolation’ a seemingly invincible killer that is actively hunting you and your friends down; you could hide in cupboards, wardrobes and under beds while trying to escape the house of horrors and ultimately the town.

It wouldn’t lend itself for a twenty hour epic game, but it could last for two – four hours and it would be terrifying.

Blair Witch Project (1999)

Blair witch

Would there be a snot wiping mini-game? Probably

The Movie: University students are making a movie about an urban legend, they camp in a woods in a vain attempt to capture it on camera. After several nights of being haunted they ultimately the wind up becoming victims of the witch.

The Game: ‘Slender: the Blair witch edition’ – Alone in the forest you’re being hunted by an unseen figure, you pick up clues as to who or what the witch is. Every time you pick up a clue the haunting increases, there is a day-night cycle that plays an intricate role in the game. By day you are relatively safe; by night you’re in a huge amount of danger, better get into that tent! Although even that may not save you from the tormenting demon…with no save points, every action requires thorough planning. Good luck…oh and watch out for that house…

Jurassic Park (1993).


Rawr! I am a dinosaur, one of many who’ll kill you

The Movie: You know this movie – it made creature-features relevant again and it amazed us all with state-of-the-art CGI that still looks amazing today – this movie changed everything. One of my favourites; and although not a horror movie it would make one hell of a horror game.

The Game: Like Halloween i’m very surprised that no-one has made a genuinely good JP game! It seems almost criminal! And yes I am aware that ‘Dino Crisis’ was a thing, but even Mikami said that wasn’t survival horror; but panic horror. We can do better than that.

Imagine an open world mix between ‘The Forest’ and ‘SCP: Containment Breach’. It’s just after the T-Rex attack and as Dr Alan Grant you must bring Tim and Lex back to the visitors centre; then the East Dock.

Unbeknownst to you however is that there are a multitude of Prehistoric predators out for blood. Like Alien they will have no predetermined routes that they follow, they will go where the food is…and you’re food. Using, trees, fences and out-buildings for cover you evade these creatures like you do the cannibals in ‘The Forest’. Like ‘SCP’ though each of the predators have a unique hunting style and will require different tactics to evade. To avoid the dinosaurs you’ll have to pick your route very carefully. with manual save points (camp sites you have to construct) you’ll have to be careful out there!

The Strangers/Night of the Living dead (2008/1968)

The Strangers movie image

You locked the back door right?

The Movies: Two movies. Separated by forty years of cinema. Joined by identical ideas. These movies follow the same basic pattern, alone in a house you must survive against a villain(s) that want you dead.

The Game: I think a game for these two movies would be incredibly similar, give the player a few hours to set up defenses of a small house and ask them to survive the night. Obviously zombies are different from human killers and a game were you could hide in a wardrobe for the duration would be incredibly dull. To avoid this the game could throw a random selection from a bank of mini-objectives that are required to survive to force the player into putting themselves at risk e.g. get to the shed and contact the police with the old ham radio.

Both these movies are rife for the aping in a video game and it could be genuinely terrifying as you have to put yourself at risk to survive. Throw in a competitive multi-player mode in which the players are split between protagonists and antagonists and you could have a brutally-tense and scary experience that is different each and every time without any of the problems inherent with procedurally generated games. This could be amazing, and again I have no idea why this hasn’t been done before.

There we have it guys, a number of movies that should be horror games!

Do you have any more ideas that we haven’t mentioned?

Tell us in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Movies that would make great horror games.

  1. Tom says:

    I’m thinking of a game along the line of The Purge. But in a mass online multiplayer format. Think about it, you and your ‘clan’ can either purge til your hearts content or barricade yourself in and dig deep. Craftable weapons and security systems in place for your house… Think there’s a market here


    • Dunno if hollywood would show full frontal male nudity though lol!

      I was thinking of a nightmare on elm street, wasnt sure how to make it work as a gamethough, what would you like to see in that game?


      • I think it would be so cool if it were something like a combination between the TellTale Walking Dead / Fables series and Heavy Rain. You control a number of protagonists throughout the game and make choices for them, but each one can die and the game will continue. That way there’s a real sense of danger and dread as you try to keep your favourite characters alive.


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