This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (13-19/10/14)

It’s been a much quieter week here at LuvvaLuvva Towers. However the blog posts just keep on coming and we successfully streamed 3 times this week…winning! We also got an improved score in ‘Pix the Cat’ but failed in our attempts at improving on our; admittedly impressive, ‘Pacman Championship edition DX’ score.

Blog Posts.

‘Pix the Cat review – The cat’s meow?

Is cerebral horror better than jump-scares?

‘The Crew’ BETA…our thoughts

Youtube Videos.

My very first purrfect run in ‘Pix the Cat’

Twitch streams.

Now that we have sorted everything out; it is looking like we will stream every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 10pm GMT. And Saturday morning at 9 am GMT – now you know why not join us for the craic? Click the image below and follow us.


click the image to go to our channel page


Bragtoberfest score updates.

Murf’s Pix the cat challenge (arcade 3 minute run) – 889,450

Doone’s pacman challenge score – Pacman championship edition DX –  (5 minute run – highway course) – 1,214,990


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