This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (6-12/10/2014)

As I said in yesterdays post this week has been a great week; and a crazy busy one! We got back on our feet regarding YouTube uploads, posted three blog posts and even found the time to guest in a podcast and stream twice! PHEW! What a week. Here’s everything; just in case you missed something this week; chances are you did!

At the time of writing i’m currently winning Murf’s ‘Pix the Cat’ score challenge! Why not try and topple me from my perch? Come and have a go if you think you’re good enough lol!

Who loves ya like I do? No-one.

Blog Posts

Does console parity come at a cost, and do you care?

Scariest sections in non-horror games.

Let the bragging commence…

YouTube videos

‘Vault of glass’ – Band of brothers.

Stream channel

Visit my twitch channel page and subscribe; this way you get a notification when i’m live and you can pop in to say hi; lurk or troll, whatever just visit!


Visit Izlain’s blog to listen to the horror episode guest starring yours truly! Or better yet, visit iTunes, subscribe and review! Every little helps guys! It’s a great episode that’s well worth a listen.

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