Let the bragging commence…


How am I this week you ask? Amazing!

Well, this week has been a good week. this is for a number of reasons; reasons that I will detail in this (admittedly shorter than usual) post. Last week we got the bragging ball rolling; this week we are going to kick that ball into the stratosphere!

Gremlins be gone…

For you regular readers will know that for the longest time I have been trying to stream; only to be thwarted by technical hitch after technical hitch, this week I finally got round to dealing with those damned gremlins. Like the ’80s movie I; metaphorically of course, ran round with a hatchet cutting those s.o.b’s down!

Not only did I successfully stream once…oh no dear reader, I successfully streamed twice…

…I say successfully, there was a lot of hiding in a corner hoping not to die (well I was playing Alien: Isolation after all). Better yet, people actually watched me play…not exactly Lirik numbers admittedly (a peak of 15) but still, was epic fun if a bit nerve wrecking knowing folks were watching.

If ya fancy a quick giggle at my average playing skills and terrified demeanour then get yourselves down to http://www.twitch.tv/mr_luvva_luvva and say hi (follow me on twitter to see when i’m streaming dawlings).

But wait, there’s more…

…I also got my YouTube uploading gremlins dealt with and we are back in business! We uploaded one video this week (the raid final boss) so do keep an eye for updates and new videos.

Podcast killed the radiostar…

For a long time i’ve been playing around with the idea of doing my own podcast. However this week I got given the opportunity to appear in ‘Couch Podtatoes’ with Izlain and J3w3l and it was a great experience too! We were discussing, my favourite genre in gaming; the survival horror; we discussed, we laughed and we debated…it was a great experience.

At the risk of sounding arrogant… it’s the best. episode. ever! Go check it out, listen, and enjoy at http://gdub4.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/couch-podtatoes-episode-17-the-horror-show/ download from iTunes and leave a review to get it some visibility because it’s a podcast that deserves as big a audience as possible!

Scores, scores, scores…

Murf laid down the gauntlet on ‘Pix the cat‘ and has requested that everyone posts a high score challenge on the arcade 3 minute mode…i’ll take this opportunity to post my first high score;

Pix the Cat – 813,350

Doone also threw down the guantlet on ‘Pac-man: DX Championship Edition’ and I’ll throw my high score here too;

Pac-man (5 minute run – highway course) – 1,214,990

These two games are unbelievably good and these scores are subject to change; i’ll keep updating these scores throughout ‘Bragtoberfest’…stay tuned.

I’ll be back next week with plenty more to brag about…well, hopefully!

This is fun though!

Have something you want to brag about? get an awesome weapon in Destiny? Beat the raid? Can you beat any of my highscores? Tell me bout it in the comments below!


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