Let’s kick start Bragtoberfest…Raiders of the lost Atheon


As i’m sure many of you are aware Izlain & J3w3l have been thinking of ways that we; gamers, can celebrate our hobby in a way that is positive and sociable…it is in this vision that ‘Bragtoberfest’ was created.

Tonight (10GMT/2PST) will mark the first organised event of ‘Bragtoberfest’ as several of us will get together and play ‘Strife’ so download the client and prepare for battle!

If you are unaware of this event and what it is then please visit http://www.anook.com/community/bragtoberfest to see who all is taking part and what is on offer!

I thought that today would be the perfect opportunity for me to kick start this bragging with a story of epic proportions…

…are you comfortable? Then we’ll begin.

“we’ll have this in two more goes guys” 

This had been our motto for the past hour. My brothers in arms and I had been attempting to bring down Atheon for too long, we were angry at him and ourselves, we had fallen to many stupid deaths.

“Two more goes and i’m sure he’ll fall”

Our story doesn’t begin here it began on Tuesday night when we had planned to meet and join forces. My comrades for this raid were MunkayMagic, Stiffler_1990, ReadyMade, Bakey6969, PhilDawg616 & myself. A rag tag group of warriors thirsty for loot and ready for the challenge.

Like all video gamers we walked into this eyes open and perhaps a bit arrogant, to be honest the first portion of this Raid went swimmingly and although there were a few deaths our team had yet to fall. Everyone knew their roles and compensated for each others shortcomings and it was working; our team was a well oiled machine.

The battle with Atheon; like all great boss fights, was multi-layered and with zero room for error. As we entered our leader MunkayMagic made one last statement;

“when we go in here we split into two teams. Bakey, Ready and PhilDawg your team one you push up. Stiffler, Luvva and I will stay back”

I had no idea what I was meant to be doing and swiftly died. I had learned something in that death, teleporting is disorientating and I saw what our objective was. Learning. I dusted myself off and we regrouped, void weapons at the ready..

…round two Atheon you bastard. We lasted a lot longer on this attempt, Atheon felt the pain, but he had backup in form of Harpies. Harpies that self-destructed near a player to devestating effect. We were defeated again. We would breach the void an uncountable number of times over the next hour with the credo “two more times”…it was getting late and people were getting weary, this war was draining us, but we wouldn’t be defeated.

After a quick pitstop at the tower. We restarted the encounter, something was different…we got to the first teleport…

“lads start the left portal, quick”

We ran through the area blowing up Oracles, and dived through the gate.

“Double damage is on guys, give him all your rockets!” screamed Bakey, we duly obliged.

We repeated this process for four more teleports; constant communication about which portal needed opened; who need revived, how much ammo we had and what we should be weary of. There were a few close shaves too; after the forth teleport we dived through the portal only to be told by Ready that there were several harpies patrolling and that he’d been taken down. We had to act fast, I tripled jumped while MunkayMagic and Stiffler_1990 also did their special jump, all three of us flew over the exploding Harpies and we proceeded to unleash hell upon Atheon.

We all sensed that this was the run that would finally see him fall. We needed one more teleport…Atheon took us. We wound up in the forest area, “right side, right side” Munkaymagic shouted to our teammates. The gate opened but we weren’t ready, there was hobgoblins and oracles still to be vanquished; we rushed them, specials flying left, right and centre. We HAD to get through the portal to add firepower to the double damage…

…It was then we heard a bloodcurdling shriek from PhillyDawg;


At this late stage, loosing PhillyDawg could’ve been a disaster, we waited in silence, hoping that he could regain his higher ground and advantage on the enemy. Ready then shouted “portals opened guys”. We dived through, I got off one rocket, everyone else did too; our reactions were priceless…





“Who wants to dance?”

And dance we did. We though the night couldn’t get any better; but there was one more surprise for us. Stiffler_1990 has coveted the shader Chatterwhite, obtainable only through completion of the Raid. Of the six brave men that fought; 5 got the shader. Stiffler was the one that didn’t…Oh how we bragged, danced and tea-bagged him in the Tower rubbing our hard earned shaders in his face.

 This; my friends is gaming. And this is a feat worthy of a good brag.

Why not share your stories with us in the comments below? We’d love to hear them and laugh along with you!


9 thoughts on “Let’s kick start Bragtoberfest…Raiders of the lost Atheon

  1. Simon (Stiffler_1990) says:

    It wasn’t specifically chatterwhite I wanted, I wanted a new shader for a week. I did predict before we finished it that I wouldn’t get the shader. Did get one in Crucible today, not gr8 but better than what I have.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! It was much fun though dude! The little fit of jealousy must’ve been strong and to be fair we didnt make it easier for you!

      ’twas great fun!

      I want to do the raid again!


  2. readymadeuk says:

    Excellent write up dude, that was the best gaming experience I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t know any of you lads before the raid, but now the bond feels strong – I would gladly sacrifice my last heavy ammo synthesis for any of you! Till the next time…

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was an amazing experiences, I’m struggling to think of a better multiplayer experience I’ve had. This may just be the best. As for the heavy weapon synthesis I’d repay the favour, our bond was forged in war sir! Until the next time we breach the void


  3. Id glady jump infront of any vex fucker that dared teleport near any if your general vacancies, my digital brethren, I would even suck off the cryptarch if it ment yas getting better quality items.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Been very busy, I’m gonna try and finish the editing tonight! Also trying to get my the crew video done as well! It won’t be much longer! Promise! Want to have one up before I start my stream tomorrow evening


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