Real-life versions of video games

Sometimes in life video games can break the forth wall and invade our real lives. No-one is safe from this phenomenon and while it can be embarrassing; it’s almost always awesome!

Lets look at a few of the times video games happen in real life. We’ll not cheat here either; you won’t see free-running, skateboarding or football, they existed before the games. So without further ado aaaaaaaaaaway we gooooo*…

*warning: may contain satire

Tetris building

While doing a little cheeky weekend work as a favour I noticed a customer doing something (in fact this was the inspiration for this post), she was trying to fit her shopping into one bag to avoid the surcharge on another. Cue a lot of spinning things to get optimal space and rearranging her groceries in an attempt to save 5p…and it worked! This ol’ doll would be a pro at ‘Tetris’.

Video games invade life

Not the actual woman, although she’s obviously in the lower levels of Tetris as she’s still smiling

It got me thinking, I’ve performed this act too! Holiday packing requires all the skills i’ve honed on ‘Tetris’, you’ve probably done it too, let us know in the comments when you’ve played real life ‘Tetris’.

Falcao does a barrel roll

Anyone who witnessed Manchester United’s capitulation against Leicester City last weekend will tell you the same thing, Martin Tyler repeatedly called ‘Falcao’ (Fal-Ca-Ow) ‘Falco’ (Fal-Co). In a protest; or perhaps a joking nod to the commentator Falcao tried to perform a barrel roll as ‘Star Fox’ is Martin Tylers favourite game (reports suggest he was playing Star Fox on his 3DS at the time). Don’t believe me? click my youtube link!

What a fine example of games invading real life.


most definitely not a Man UTD striker

Civilisation V ‘diplomacy’

In the aftermath of the 9/11 atrocities, the free world launched a stunning attack on all those that opposed them (or had something of value); Iraq was invaded post-haste. In the real world you’d have to get clearance to do this as there are rules to war…as Dwight Schrute once said…


The big man said it…not me

…what we have here is another example of video games invading our beautiful real lives, in this case Civilisation V! We’ve all gotten so drunk with power we decide that we will take what we want (only to be obliterated by Ghandi)…George W Bush; was confusing his save file with real politics. Good lad Bush – you gamer, you!


“Sir, a camper just took your K/d Ratio to 0.7! I’m so sorry, I’ve failed you”


Regardless of your thoughts on it, the bible is considered real by many millions of people, and it is a case study (well the new testament is anyway, at least that’s what I got from it) in human respawning. Think about it; you’re playing your favourite game and die, you respawn…Jesus did this thousands of years ago! Video game mechanics are obviously time travelers and have shaped the human races’ evolution without our knowledge! Crafty bastards…


Time travel scientists in LuvvaLuvva Towers are pretty sure this actually happened…

Indestructable scenery/props


How did you not break?!

We’ve all broke things in our lifetime, some more than others. However have you ever dropped something from a height that should break it…but for some reason it doesn’t? That’s right guys, you’ve been invaded by that video game trope of indestructible scenery/props! Be grateful because soon technology will catch up and those things will break…maybe it’ll be the next time you drop something!!!!1!!1!!111ONE!

Game breaking bugs

We’ve all played games. We’ve all had fun. We’ve all had our fun cut short by a bug that immediately (or shortly afterwards) causes the game to end…this is happening as speak guys!

Global Warming is a real life gaming breaking bug! The only way to stop this? Play-testing of course – they’re calling it “recycling” or living “green” but basically we’re the BETA testers and we have to sort this bug out!

Look around you, there are video game mechanics/tropes invaded our everyday lives…we must be weary! Together we can keep them where they belong…in our consoles…please, for the sake of the next generation…do something…before its too late!


we need our princesses in our castles!

Can you think of any other video game mechanics/tropes that invade our real lives? Please let us know in the comments below!


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