The best space sections in video games…


Now that ‘Destiny’ has been release (and I have finally acquired a copy) let’s celebrate! Let us take you on a magical whirlwind journey across gaming, let us examine the best space bits in video games!

Blowing up the space ship (space invaders)


Although the whole title was set in the vacuum of space (although presumably in the vicinity of Earth), the best bit is when that space UFO flies across the top of the screen, taunting you (and possibly your mother too) with its distance. It dares you to take it down, you’ll probably miss.When you don’t though the feeling. My god it is glorious; a two-finger salute to the alien scum! You’ll feel like Will Smith in Independence day.

welcome ta erf

The Trench Run (Rogue Squadron) 


One of the most iconic space images of our time (and historical too as it occured “A long, long time ago”) the star wars trench run. I could’ve picked any ‘Star Wars’ game but I went with RS because it is so damned gorgeous! LOOK AT IT! You fly through the trench dodging left, right, up and down, taking down scum in TIE Fighters and launching your missiles into that vent…unfortunately it was probably a mistake to start the game on this level.

The Barrel Roll (Star Fox)


Good ol’ Peppy, he loved the barrel roll so much he’d say it all the time…why is it here you ask? Well it looks cool…plus google have the awesome easter egg (seriously type ‘do a barrel roll’ into google). Basically ‘Star Fox’ is a lot of fun, and barrel rolls are a great way of avoiding shots and showing off for the ladies…seriously, no woman can resist a good barrel roll.

Long night of Solace (Halo:Reach)


This level. This level. This level was what Bungie were talking about when they said that they’d love to do a space combat sim; superlative is not the word to describe this level. It was basic in its controls but it just worked. If Bungie could find a way to get this into ‘Destiny’ it would be a dream come true…i’m away to replay that level right now….

…sorry i’m back now!

Winning Rainbow Road (Mario Kart: Wii)


Mario is well known for going into space (his nickname is ‘Buzz’) but this track kicked all types of ass. I’m not sure of the science of having a rainbow in space; but this is Nintendo they have a vast team of scientists that check all their titles for scientific accuracy. Rainbow road is always a highlight of the ‘Mario Kart’ games (that’s a lie; its a frustrating track on 150cc) and for my money this is the best iteration of the track. The satisfaction of knowing you are the karting king of mushroom kingdom is unparalleled.

Asteroid shooting (Dead Space)


This section was pure genius that broke up the game play in the original ‘Dead Space’ it was so popular amongst gamers that it had it’s own spin off title ‘Asteroids’ that appeared in arcades around the country; nay the world…only kidding this bit sucked!

Do you have a favourite space section? Why not tell us in the comment section below!

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