Games we’d love to see get a HD re-release! Part 2

Now that Gamescom is over, we can get back to the serious business…Welcome to part 2 of our wish list of HD re-releases! You can read part one here if you haven’t already, what are ya waiting for? I’ll wait until you get back…

…back? Good, we’ll continue.

Rollcage (PS; 1999)


I’ve waxed lyrical about this game to numerous people; hell i even mentioned it in a previous post here. I love Rollcage, it was fun and unique, something you rarely say anymore about videogames. I would love to see it remastered with glorious visuals, and 60FPS and online multiplayer. I’m drooling at that prospect, ACTUAL drool! MY GOD, i need this to happen! To whomever owns the rights to this game – make it happen!

Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis; 1992)


The best in the series (IMHO) and it should be reignited so the next generation of gamers can sample it’s simple delights. The great thing is; with a game this old there are a multitude of ways SEGA could HD this, but as long as it is between the following, i’m down with it:

1) With beautiful hand drawn sprites that are animated in way that makes face-punching a graceful pursuit.

2) With beautiful polygons that are animated in way that makes face-punching a graceful pursuit.

As long as it runs at the full 1080p I don’t give a crap! I’m about to go Ben Stiller on SEGA’s ass…do it!

Blast Corps (N64; 1997)


A N64 release title with the emphasis on F-U-N! This game was the dogs bollocks and it still is. What Rare did with this game was bring gamers back to the Space Invaders-era of gaming, it was a very simple premise that offers infinite replayability. Simply clear the path of a runaway Nuclear transport truck and save the world…oh in the cockpit of a giant mech! This game would literally need a graphical facelift and it’s good to go…but it won’t happen. Unless it’s a Kinect title. Oh Rareware – what happened to you? What would our father say if he could see what you have become?

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PS; 1999)


A dark, gritty, Tomb Raider. Soul Reaver kicked ass on PS, PC and Dreamcast. It also has a huge following on the interweb explorer©…which probably explains why it hasn’t received the update. Soul Reaver is a game that needs to be played by everyone, i’m imagining a Tomb Raider: Anniversary style reboot here, give us the game the developers intended when it was designed…no concessions. It’ll probably be Xbox exclusive though (too soon?).

Toy Commander (DC; 1999)


Like Blast Corps, this was a launch title that focused on fun (obviously this was a Dreamcast title) and it was very fun. My biggest gripe is the controls; a limitation imposed by SEGA who only equipped the DC with one analogue stick. Again this is an easy fix for the power of PS4/Xbox/WiiU, and just look at those visuals – super chunky and colourful! This game would wow modern audiences and give us all a game we could sink our teeth into (just sort out the difficulty and i’m down). They could also unlock the house at the end and allow free-roaming MP (while they’re at it, include the content from pseudo-sequel Toy Racer). Toy Collection anyone?

Power Stone (DC; 1999)


Capcom love their re-releases and yet after many a petition, and interweb-explorer© campaigns they have not decided that Power Stone: 1080 Collection is financially viable. I want to see that change, i want to shoot people online with a rocket launcher then immediately  spin around a pillar and kick them in the head, then take the third crystal and go super for a period of time firing fireballs from my finger tips, in 1080p 60FPS. Capcom has the power, but do they have the stones? (see what i did there?).

We have more games we’d like to see, but we want to hear from YOU! So leave a comment.

Tell us what game would be your first choice to give a HD remaster to!

Do you disagree with any of our choices?

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