Games we’d love to see get a HD re-release! Part 1

I’ve been having a number of discussions about HD re-releases recently, with a number of different people, and everyone seems to be split on the idea of them. One thing everyone can agree on is that if the game deserves a HD re-release, then they are up for them. It should be noted that Night Trap was not brought up as a game deserving a HD re-release but…Kickstarter disagrees. I ask the question, who; in the hell, asked for night trap?

A big thanks to CT Murphy for the idea (click his name to check out his blog BTW) for the idea.

What follows is part 1 of our list of games that we at LuvvaLuvva towers would love to see receive a HD re-master. N.B. Resident Evil would’ve been here but it has been announced.

F-Zero GX (GCN; 2003)

F zero GX

One of my favourite racing games of all, this game was special because it was the first time that SEGA and Nintendo had a meaningful collaboration; and it garnered some very special results. The game looked stunning (and would only look better in HD), it was crazy fast (again imagine those 60FPS, mind-melting) and it was huge fun…until the difficulty spiked like crazy! This would be my primary complaint and one which would undoubtedly be ironed out by SEGA…make this happen.

Wave Race: Blue Storm (GCN; 2002)


Another Nintendo racing game (and we have another coming up!) but Blue Storm was a great addition to the Wave Race stable and is one game I would love to see in 1080p and 60FPS; imagine those; admittedly very good, water effects improved with the power of WiiU™. It would be incredible.

1080 Snowboarding: Avalanche (GCN; 2004)


Who said the GCN was a bad console? It was superb and this game should be a no-brainer for Nintendo; i mean 1080 is in the title (1080p Snowboarding anyone?). 60FPS and 1080p would make this stunning looking game absolutely incredible. The best thing about this game was the fact that it was all about the racing, that means you do not have to remember button combo’s to compete or complete. Truly a great, great game that undersold.

Resident Evil 2 (PS; 1998)


With the REmake getting a HD-ified version I am overwhelmed by feelings of hope that Capcom do the honourable thing and give the superior sequel the same treatment next. What can I say about Resident Evil 2 that hasn’t already? Although this game has been re-released it has never received the beautification it’s precursor did, a crime in my eyes! It is one of the greatest horror games ever made! I would love to see some asymmetrical co-op being employed in this game, it would be stonking! I’ll settle for a beautiful re-imagining though! Please Capcom, it’s been too long (and it has aged quite poorly).

Resident Evil 3 (PS; 1999)


Like Resident Evil 3; this game has been on several different consoles but has never been beautified; let’s change that Capcom! An ambitious prequel-sequel of sorts with a story that occurs before, during and after number 2, 3 was the tense, terrifying survival horror that everyone is crying out for now-a-days. Capcom is sitting on a gold mine with these titles…make it so Capcom.

Syphon Filter (PS; 1999)


Follow the tale of super-spy Gabe Logan as he tries to save the world from certain doom! Released before the Dual shock controller Syphon Filter was really let down by it’s controls! A simple fix for the HD re-release surely. It has also aged poorly (like most PS era games I suppose) in the looks department. The PSP games were good and found a loyal audience, hopefully we see this happen one day!

That’s it for part one guys! Part 2 will follow on Saturday (in-between we will be reviewing the Sony and Microsoft press conferences at Gamescom) so be sure to read that!

Any games you feel deserve a HD re-release? Let us know in the comment section below!

Do you disagree with any of our choices? Again let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Games we’d love to see get a HD re-release! Part 1

    • I really liked the tank controls, always made encounters with enemies frightening, especially in 3 when the nemesis showed up! I would love a HD remaster of 3! Capcom. Make it happen.


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