What we want to see at Gamescom


We are now into the fifth year of Gamescom and it has grown into a proper rival for e3; some in the ‘biz’ have stated that they feel that Gamescom will become THE premier games event on the planet in 5 years. Praise indeed.

We have no idea what the developers have in store for us this year; but we do know what we’d love to see occur this week in Köln, here’s just a sample of what we want to see. Come on dev’s do NOT let us down here.

Halo 5 – What can we say about Halo that hasn’t already? It’s Halo. You already know if you’re buying this game or not, it’s a licence for Microsoft to print money and it’s going to be huge. Will we see it? Most certainly not in a playable form. We would like some more details on the game though. I feel that Microsoft will start to grease the hype wheels a little by releasing a little cinematic. Whet those fanboy appetites a little.

Project Spark – We have seen very little on this ambitious “open-world digital canvas”. What we have seen is very interesting. We’re not big creators in games of this ilk but we look forward to playing what the community create; it’s very exciting. Will we see it? I think we have to see this; Microsoft’s winter schedule is a known quantity and this is one of the first to drop, it’s gotta get some hype or it will get lost in the avalanche of games in Oct/Nov.

Star Wars: Battlefront – I was stoked to see some gameplay of this for e3…all we got was a shitty developer diary and a few screenshots that will undoubtedly be unrepresentative of the final product. I would love to see something substantial at gamescom, be it a short cinematic or some alpha footage; anything at all…PLEASE EA! Will we see it? Nope. I don’t think we will, if EA couldn’t get something for e3 then we’re getting nothing of substance until next year. EA will undoubtedly focus on FIFA, Madden and Battlefield and if their e3 showing is anything to go by, it’ll be shit.

The Phantom Pain – The general consensus around this game is Ground Zeroes was released to free up some more money as the Phantom Pain was running way over budget. Let’s see where that sales money went. I want to see gameplay that is in no way related to GZ, I want new stuff Kojima…DO YOU HEAR ME? Will we see it? Konami need this game to be a success, it drops in March 2015. I fully expect a playable demo to be on their booth…let that hype train leave the station folks; this shit is gonna get real! THIS WEEK!

Mirrors Edge – Again, this leaked just before e3 – cue my hype levels to reach fever pitch…disappointment followed when the video at e3 was merely a “Yeah, we’re working on it” followed by a pre-rendered video of Faith getting her famous face art. Give me faith now! Will we see it? I do not think so…as much as I would love to see some alpha i feel we’ll get another pre-rendered video, like Battlefront I think we’ll have to wait until next year.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – After playing through ‘The Last of Us’ this past week I need more Naughty Dog in my life! I want to see something of this game! ANYTHING! Give me more Nathan Drake! Will we see it? I think there is a fair chance we may see something of this game, maybe a closed demo of a little smidge of gameplay…please Sony. I’ll even take an Uncharted: Remastered to tide me over.

Evolve – Recently pushed back to 2015 so it didn’t get lost in the rush, and because it needed some more work. It’ll obviously be at the show, it’ll be playable and people will continue to lose their shit over it. Will we see it? Yes! I hope they bring some more game modes with them, i want to know what this game has to offer on top of the asymmetrical gameplay mode.

Splatoon – Nintendo’s big surprise at e3, and it is a change of pace for the Big N. A shooter with a squid shaped twist. The e3 reveal did have a bunch of developer’s playing the game so I feel this will be the first time the public get to sample it’s colourful brand of shooty-shooty-pew-pew-kaboom. Will we see it? Oh yes we will, and it’ll be playable.

Mystery Bioware Game – Bioware have been releasing teasers for the past few weeks, this game will be unveiled at Gamescom; hopefully we’ll get more than a name, i’d love proper cinematics and if possible some gameplay. Thanks Bioware.

Mystery Sony Game – Same as above – I just hope its not that Move horror game; Until Dawn, *shudder* although the teasers are definitely hinting at a horror game of some description.

Half-Life 3 & The Last Guardian – PSYCHE! Just kidding – we are never playing these games guys #justmoveon

So; what games do you want to see at Gamescom?

Let us know in the comments below.

While you’re writing that comment, check out the Youtube channel. Thank you. Love you bye.


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