HD re-releases, do they have in place in gaming?



This last week saw the release of The Last of Us Remastered (check out our thoughts of the game on our YouTube channel), and ushered in a whole new wave of gamers who feel that it is a waste of money and is merely an exercise in artificially ‘fluffing’ up the PS4’s; admittedly, anorexic release schedule.

However after spending the weekend (ooooh matron) with TLoU:R (as it will be henceforth known) we have to ask the question; do HD re-releases have place in the modern gaming landscape?

The previous generation saw a number of HD re-releases that were substandard. Many ‘collections’ had games omitted (either by licencing issues or profit; you decide) this was a practice that was all too common amongst high profile collections:

Silent Hill

Perhaps the poster boy for HD re-releases to be abandoned is the Silent Hill Collection. All you favourite ‘Silent Hill’ games were included (except 1, 4, or anything that wasn’t on PS2) and they were in immaculate condition and just as good as you remember©…only they weren’t; the game was broken, buggy mess.

This wasn’t a one off either, Konami have a history of incomplete ‘collections’ look at their MGS ‘Collection’ – in this they didn’t port every title in the cannon, nor did they include spin off titles (such as MGS: Ghost Babel) nope they included the easiest, cheapest games to convert (the PS2 titles and the most recent PSP one)…seriously, how can a collection be incomplete especially by the men who created said collection?

It doesn’t stop there, the Devil May Cry collection didn’t include DMC 4 (even though it was an Xbox 360 & PS3 title already), the Hitman HD ‘Trilogy’ didn’t bother including the original title ‘Agent 47’ and the God of War Hd Collection didn’t include GoW 3.

The case is damning for the Hd re-release…maybe we are better off without this half-baked, half-assed collections designed to cash-in on fan-boy fervour and rose tinted memories of games from a by-gone era. Let’s just end this post here the…


Ok, ok maybe there is a case for the other side of this argument; and let us begin with ‘TLoU:R’ this was more than a mere ‘tart-up’ of a one year old game, the cosmetic improvements only offer a little of the package that is available (although they are beautiful and smooth, my god is this game smooth). Cross-play online with your friends who haven’t moved to PS4, Camera mode is a fun diversion, all the DLC including the acclaimed ‘Left Behind’ and the inclusion of the documentary ‘Grounded: The Making of ‘The Last of Us’. It does represent good value for money (especially as it is readily available for less than £30).

We also have the ‘Metro: Redux’ which is also more than a ‘tarted-up’ edition™ and includes improvements asked for by the community. Konami also made amends with the sublime, complete and hugely generous MGS: Legacy Collection (which also included graphic novels and VR Missions). And the Definitive edition of Tomb Raider well…perhaps this should’ve went before the objection as that was merely a ‘tarting-up’ of a fantastic game.

And with the announcement of the RE:make of Resident Evil about to get the HD treatment (this is what we have been waiting for guys! This is not a drill) i couldn’t be more grateful for developers giving fans and new audiences the opportunity to play old classics…when they are given the treatment they deserve.

Don’t get me wrong I am dead against crappy HD ports in the same way i’m against crappy games that target the lowest common denominator (im looking at you Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood)…but there is a market for GOOD HD releases and I for one will be buying the good ones…not enough time to be a hipster when there are genuine classics to play.

Do you like HD re-releases?

Have you been burned by a crappy HD collection?

Are you looking forward to RE HD?

Let us know in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “HD re-releases, do they have in place in gaming?

  1. My two experiences with HD remakes come from Shadow of the Colossus (originally PS2, remake on PS3), ICO (same) and Beyond Good & Evil HD (same). I loved SotC, but that’s mainly because I never played the original on PS2. I could say the same for ICO, but I really didn’t care for the game itself. BG&E was fantastic both when I first played the game on PS2, and again with the remake (I actually still need to finish it). I’m with you, the obvious money-grabs are ridiculous, and if you’re going to bundle a series, might as well include EVERY title. I was pleased with the Resident Evil 6 Anthology I got a couple years ago, it at least included 1-6, though 6 was the only one on the disc, the rest were download codes.

    Doone had some commentary on this recently, you should give his article a look if you haven’t already.

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    • And I forgot about the hd remake of Sleeping Dogs, a dreadfully average game that I doubt had many petitions about redoing in 1080.

      Sometimes I wonder just what these developers are thinking, especially when there are literally hundreds of other games that would have a bigger audience and have people screaming for a re-release. My big hope is the re-re-rerelease of resident evil is a reboot of the entire series because it has lost its way. Maybe Capcom have learned from the errors of the last 2 numbered games.


    • Imagine if you controlled Chris and your co-op buddy was Jill! Both playing the single player campaign at the same time, it would be utterly fantastic. It would work because they cross paths a few times, and their presence was always felt. Once you played the game once, then started with the other character items would be gone (if you used them in your first play through)! This asymmetric co-op that would also work in RE2 (but not 3 or 4)! An idea for Capcom there! They can have that one for free


  2. I like having the option, for sure. To me, the most important thing about HD remakes is having a source game in need of the HD. Even some of the games from the last console generation could benefit from the facelift, but the generation before that is where we really need to draw from. Death to jaggies!


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