Gamers on YouTube you really should be watching!

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(begin shameless plugging) To celebrate our inaugural video on YouTube (viewable right now at we decided to show you several gaming channels you really should be watching – these channels all offer something different; and all are personal choices, but they carry with them the MrLuvvaLuvva seal of approval® and you are therefore guaranteed a good time*

So go forth good reader and become a watcher; a watcher of other people – Watch_dogs style…although not like this…

5) DLCentral (

Why you should watch – Join Nathan Irvine and Matt Cundy on their mission to entertain via the medium of GTA:Online videos. And boy do these videos entertain; these lads are blooming hilarious Matt’s completely bonkers commentary is complemented and balanced perfectly by Nathan’s well measured wit. I’d go as far as saying they are the new cannon and ball…a duo to be reckoned with and you owe it to your eye-holes to watch their videos. Also visit their website I binge watched their entire video library over a weekend…come on lads lets get some more videos up!

Don’t watch if…you want to see expert gameplay videos that will leave your mouth open in disbelief.

4) Seananners (

Why you should watch – Seananners channel is focused on Gary’s mod games (although he does occasionally play other retail titles) and is again, blooming hilarious! He usually has his friends in his videos and their chemistry is what makes the videos work! His video editing skills are second-to-none and give his videos a smooth, quick paced feel that is very enjoyable to watch and all too easy to lose time to.

Don’t watch if…you don’t like laughing, you want to watch retail title after retail title.

3) Tyrannicon (

Why you should watch – These guys(?) are borderline genius, they do not only do they merely add gameplay footage, oh no that’s too easy, these guys add pretty well scripted comedy skits using gameplay footage – let me introduce to you T.J. Laser: Space Scumbag. Hilarious and incredibly well edited videos make this channel well worth a visit.

Don’t watch’re playing through the Mass Effect saga or you are easily offended.

2)  Open Griefing (

Why you should watch – A relatively new channel with not a lot of content but what is there is great! Listening to players reactions to griefers is always hilarious! These videos are well constructed, edited and timed with fitting music! An excellent channel that will only grow in popularity! 

Don’t watch if… cheaters annoy you

1) Markiplier (

Why you should watch – A genuine youtube star Markiplier is insanely popular. This popularity is well warranted though as his videos are genuinely of a very high quality. His commentaries are mostly hilarious; yes sometimes the reactions are a bit OTT, but to nowhere near the level of Pewdiepie and as a result he is incredibly watchable and only rarely annoying. He plays a wide range of games and his playlist of drunk minecraft often borders on comic genius!

Don’t watch if…you don’t want to be entertained.

There we have it folks, the youtube channels you really should watch.

Do you know of any youtubers that people should know about?

Why not let us know in the comments, they are always appreciated!

*not actually a guarantee

why not watch this video to have a quick laugh with


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