Destiny beta…our thoughts



Destiny is a game that has had it’s fair share of controversy, from composer Marty O’Donnell being fired and consequently suing Bungie right up to Playstation getting early access to the BETA.

Lets leave all that unpleasantness behind us shall we…what did we think of the BETA? (Keep in mind that we have played the BETA exclusively on Playstation 4; everything in this article is based entirely on that fact.

The default control scheme is a shocker – Seriously. I played five minutes with the default scheme and couldn’t fathom why you’d like jump as ‘x’. After rummaging around menus I was able to change it to the ‘Jumper’ scheme. That’s right folks; the infamous ‘bumper jumper’ Halo control scheme is present and correct. In my opinion it’s the correct way to play Destiny.

It is much better to play with friends – This isn’t a revelation to anyone i hope, but there is an absolute joy to be had when you team up with your buddies and work together to defeat the enemy – be they Hive or other players – more fun that we can adequately describe in words.

In single player the bosses become an absolute chore to beat; with their outrageously high HP to their seemingly god like damage that can decimate you in one fell swoop.

Even when playing with other strangers, this experience becomes somewhat diluted, no-one speaks to you! I can only think that this was caused by Sony’s reluctance to pack in a mic with the PS3 that PSN players have become accustomed to silence; but in a game that demands co-operation the lack of players willing to communicate makes multiplayer with strangers more of a chore than single player.

The situation is no better in the Crucible (the PVP area) we have absolutely no idea how players expect to win in a competitive arena with no communication. When we played with friends we competed, then as I ventured into the BETA alone my team got smashed, map after map. Even with my frustrated attempts at encouraging human interaction…nothing but silence; eventually i gave up and longed for the days of Halo when everyone was chatting and strategising. Those were the days.

To experience Destiny at its finest, get your friends to play with you, it is joyous.

It isn’t Halo 5, nor is it Borderlands 3 – Undoubtedly it feels like both these titles, yet it is nothing like either, it inhabits a strange middle ground that also sources games like Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Online, Call of Duty and even some World of Warcraft. Destiny includes everything you love about those games and packs it into a very tidy package that feels very much new.

What do you mean i can’t pilot my ship? – My biggest disappointment was the space ships are nothing more than a loading screen; i’d love to be able to pilot my ship between planets. I’ll wait until no mans sky for that shall I?

A lot of customisation = unique characters? – The customisation menu is very detailed and you can change absolutely anything you want, this should make everyone’s guardian a unique entity in the universe of Destiny. The customisation goes far beyond your appearance, you can customise everything – your loadout, the guns themselves, even your grenades. I cannot wait to see how bad-ass I can make my guardian. Who needs Master Chief?

One issue i can see is in PVP, although in the BETA armour and load outs customisations are reset to ensure an even playing field i can see the community wanting this to be a choice – this could fragment the community come full release. Time will tell on that speculation.

The teases of planets and areas whet the appetite – In the beta you can basically only play in one small area of Earth, however venture into other game modes and you get tantalising glimpses of what could be. Fight on the moon in all it’s desolate beauty then book it to Venus and witness lush forests and then get yourself to Mars to see desert scapes of alien beauty. I cannot wait ot see what else Bungie have in store for us…tres exciting.

It’s bloody fun and deserves your attention – I’m not going to lie here folks, i was not looking forward to Destiny, yes i showed mild interest – after-all it is Bungie we’re talking about. After playing the BETA for nearly a week it has been pre-ordered and we’re very excited to sample the full release come September.

Have you been playing the Destiny BETA? share your thoughts with us in the comment section below or on Twitter. We really want to know what you think – good or bad.



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