Lets Play…Old Games! Part 6

The past week has been a hive of activity, we’ve traveled back through the ages of videogames and looked for the best games that have been forgotten, or just get less recognition than the true classics. We’ve reached the end of our journey and now the time has come for us to pick our 5 favourite games of this series. If you haven’t read the series then please do… here are handy links so you can peruse our views of gaming past…

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A few ground rules,first only one game a generation is permitted, second because a game is number 1 on our list doesn’t mean it was our favourite, merely that it was the best game on that list; finally this is a purely subjective look at these games, our favourites…if you disagree please tell us your top 5 in the comments below.

Without any further ado may we introduce to you our favourite forgotten gems through the SEGA backwards(ages)…

5) Toejam & Earl (Megadrive; 1991) – Why is it our favourite? – As we said in the article T&E is the most 90’s game ever made, being a 90’s child myself gives this game a very special type of nostalgia. SEGA infused this game with so much character, personality and humour with a satirical bite that only Rockstar seem to be able to rival…and that is high praise indeed!

4) Fantasy Zone (Master System; 1986) – Why is it our favourite? – We thought long and hard about the inclusion of this game on our definitive list but felt like it earned it’s place for a number of reasons – the gameplay is timeless, the music is brilliant and the memories I have of this game give it a very special place in my heart. Playing Fantasy Zone puts a smile on my face and those SEGA blue skies…

3) Freekstyle (Xbox, GCN & PS2; 2002) – Why is it our favourite? – As was stated in the article Freekstyle is the best stunt-racer of its generation and we stand by that statement. Just make sure you mute your TV so you’re not bombarded with NU-Metal!

2) Rollcage (PSone; 1999) – Why is it our favourite? – In a time where futuristic racers were a dime a dozen, Rollcage stood out, yes it looks dated now but it still moves at a rate of knots that leaves many modern racers red faced. Every bit as good as F-Zero GX.

1) Bayonetta (PS3 & 360; 2010) – Why is it our favourite? – I struggled to pick between Bayonetta and Vanquish in the end though Bayonetta is slightly better, the massively OTT boss fights are mental to watch and mind-blowing to play and Bayonetta herself is a much better protagonist than Sam Gideon.

Are these the best games for each generation? Do you agree or disagree?

Why not take to the comment section and tell us your top 5…

Did you enjoy this series of articles? Would you like more? Please let us know in the comment section below or twitter.


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