Lets Play…Old Games! Part Five


And so; beloved readers, we have reached our penultimate part of our gaming retrospective…generation 7 – the generation that welcomed HD into our lives and made everything before look like excrement!

The PS3 & Xbox dazzled us with their HD graphics (many peoples first experience of HD was on consoles) while the Wii forged it’s own path and smashed all the competition (with sales anyway).

Surely everyone will have heard of all the games on this list; i mean this generation is still going…right?

Only one way to find out…

6) Dark Sector (360/PS3; 2008) – Remember how awesome Resident Evil 4 was? Imagine if they took that formula and transported into a different game. You’d get another awesome experience that you’d never forget right? Correct! Dark sector shamelessly rips off everything that was awesome about RE4 and makes it even more awesome! You assume control of Hayden Tenno a ‘clean up guy’ for the CIA whose arm gets infected by a virus and he begins to mutate, soon afterwards you get control of the greatest video game weapon ever…the glaive! Cut your way through a story that is forgettable at best to its logical conclusion, This game was awesome and deserves more recognition. It is currently £2 on amazon…anything is worth £2! Anything…

5) Madworld (Wii; 2009) – Dust off your Wii have I got a great reason for you… MadWorld is an uber-violent, super-stylish scrolling beat’em’up from Platinum (you’ll see them again on this list soon…). You are Kresse Kressler a former champion of TV show ‘Deathwatch’ – which is basically a ‘Hunger Games’ type show, a virus that is wiping out the planet, whoever can win ‘Deathwatch’, will win the vaccine. Unfortunately ‘Deathwatch’ is won by murdering everyone else. The entirely game is very much inspired by Sin City in that is monochromatic (with flourishes of crimson every time someone gets murdered) but it is the action and the fantastic sound that makes this game, John DiMaggio (Bender, Marcus Fenix) and Greg Proops that set this game apart. Just play it (£3 on Amazon).

4) Deadly Premonition/Directors cut (Xbox/PS3; 2010/2013) – Imagine if Twin Peaks wasn’t a television show; but rather, an open world survival horror game with a rather…comedic…tone. Close your eyes. Now open them. Deadly Premonition is that game! And it is a strange one, in a very good way. Meet FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan (who will introduce himself in that exact way to absolutely everyone in the game!) as he tries to apprehend the ‘Raincoat Killer’. Marvel at the last-gen graphics, laugh at the cheesy dialogue that makes Resident Evil look like the godfather, but most of all…most of all appreciate this game for what it is…a mid tier game trying to mix it up with the big boys. It is a hugely enjoyable title that everyone should really experience…it’s not for everybody, but for those in its intended target audience are in for one hell of a ride!

3) No more heroes (Wii; 2008) – Big headed nerd Travis Touchdown is the unlikely hero in an adventure in murder. Laugh with Travis as tries to hit on every woman he meets, wonder how in the heck he is going to become the number one assassin in Santa Destroy with only a light-sabre and his trusty scooter. Everything about this game is enigmatic, right down to the save system (Travis must use the toilet to save), NMH is essentially a boss run with a strange overworld in which Travis must accumulate cash to buy the contract to kill an assassin through the medium of getting a part-time job. Exciting huh? Well these jobs include…coconut collecting (by punching trees), Bike Jump and Garbage collection. None too shabby. The light-sabre duels are excellent, utilising motion control and the wiimote’s speaker it is very engaging and makes this game worth the entry fee…£4 on amazon.

2) Prey (360; 2006) – Meet Cherokee indian, Tommy Tawodi, as he embarks in an adventure to save his girlfriend. Original right? What do you mean no? Prey was hugely  original (except for the Super Mario set-up) in that it played with Portals (yes before Portal did) and gravity, in certain places Tommy could run along walls and ceilings (all because the game is set on an alien spaceship).There are two reasons this game is usually forgotten, reason the first – it went through development hell with a development cycle of ten years, reason the second, it was released during the Xbox 360’s first summer and sales at that stage were low. But it is a very good game, very short, but very good. It has a sense of humour and it isn’t afraid to mix things up…if you want to try something refreshingly different, try Prey.

1) Vanquish/Bayonetta (PS3/360; 2010) – Ah Platinum Games how we love you and your unabashedly Japanese approach to gaming. Here we have two of the finest action games ever created, united by not only developer, but situation…neither sold anywhere near enough! You all should be ashamed that you didn’t purchase these games, go on hang your head in shame…then buy them… go on! Bayonetta is a hack and slash that follows a witch on her quest to kill angels! Whereas Vanquish is a shooter/beat’em’up set in the future where armies have awesome robotic suits that allow them to be nimble. Both games are tough are master, but even an average player will see the credits! Buy these games!

So that is that for our look throughout the Generations…the last entry into this series will be a recap in which we will choose our favourite from each generation and create our all time top 5 games that are often forgotten about. And remember just because it’s number one doesn’t make it our favourite…so be sure to read the last entry.

Have we done this generation proud?

Is your favourite there? Or have we not even mentioned your favourite? Let us know on twitter or in the comments below!


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