Lets Play…Old Games! Part Four



9/9/99 – the date that changed gaming forever. The birth of the Dreamcast and the birth of Generation 6!

This was when shit started getting real; and by real I mean casulties, this console war gave us our first fatality…poor SEGA ceased to be a hardware creator and became a machine for pumping out average titles!

As a SEGA kid this was a blow I thought i would never recover from, but the Dreamcast is one of the greatest consoles of all time. SEGA went out and left us with a wealth of gaming gold that will never be replicated…the gaming landscape was inexorably changed during this generation.

What classics are oft-forgotten I hear you scream at the top of your lungs… simmer down kids…i’m ’bout to lay down that knowledge.

6) Zombie Revenge (Dreamcast; 2000) – the least known entry into the House of the Dead series; Zombie revenge took the formula and turned it on its head! Gone was the Dreamcast Gun (yes that was it’s actual name!) and in its place was a scrolling beat’em’up in the mold of lesser known Saturn game ‘Die Hard Arcade’ (and it’s Dreamcast sequel ‘Dynamite Cop’) you assume the role of Stick Breitling, Linda Rotta and Rikiya Busujima and join their adventures in punching, kicking and shooting zombies in the face! A very fun game that is very hard to find, but worth it for arcade style high-jinx!

5) Freek Style (PS2, Xbox, GCN; 2002) – SSX is oft-remembered as the best stunt/racing game hybrid of its generation (and rightly so as SSX is a bloody brilliant series) however there was another EA ‘BIG’ game that ran it bloody close! The formula is the same; a racing game in which you need to crack out the stunts in order to fill a turbo meter and gain an advantage; just replace a snowboard with a motocross bike and you’ve got the idea here. Freekstyle had some great tracks in which to facilitate the action and in my view it surpassed SSX in pure racing stakes – the only downside is the abrasive ‘Nu-Metal’ soundtrack that was ‘a la mode’ in 2002. Stick her on mute, kickstart the bike and get read to FREEK OUT! Give us a deadly descent style reboot EA! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

4) Transformers (PS2; 2004) –  I must admit i did not play this game on release, i had that honour in 2007 during University, but what a game! Better that the High Moon games on many levels (especially the aircraft carrier level – which turns out to be it’s own final boss…epic!) this game is based on the Generation 1 series of transformers so it is instant win. But its a very competent third person shooter that makes great use of its licence! If you like Transformers; play it. If you life third person shooters; play it. Hell if you like video games at all, play it! Just play it!

3) Freedom Fighters (PS2; 2003) – This is another game i didn’t sample until University and again, what a game! The plot revolves around a Soviet invasion of the USA and the small scale fight back by citizens; basically it’s Homefront, before Homefront ruined the idea for everyone. Take control of plumber-turned-revolutionary Christopher Stone; use your charisma points and assemble a squad (that’s right it’s a squad based shooter) of like-minded people to take down the Commie scum. Freedom Fighters was excellent, hell it’s still excellent. Although age has not been good to its looks (it was running on a modified version of the Hitman 2 engine) it still plays well today.

2) Outtrigger (Dreamcast; 2001) – WAAAAaaaaay before fan-boys were quoting fps to one-up each other on Xbox One and PS4, SEGA unleashed a 60fps, online first-person shooter helmed by the great Yu Suzuki. Outtrigger was frenetic, tight and an absolute joy to play. Online (powered by the DC’s ridiculous 33.6K modem) was seamless and lag free. Outtrigger is THE great, forgotten console FPS. Although the arenas are compact, there is more than enough room for 4 players to murder each other with gay-abandon. Forget Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament (both ports of these games are outstandingly good though) Outtrigger is the place to get split screen shooting on the Dreamcast!

1) Black (PS2/Xbox; 2006) – People will argue over what was the best FPS this generation and many will cite Halo 2 as the champion; i disagree with this, Black is the greatest FPS of the 6th Generation. It had the unfortunate honour of being released AFTER the Xbox 360 and was thusly relegated to the annuls of history, doomed to obscurity. However it deserves to be plucked from the purgatory it finds itself in and played by as many people as possible. Made by Criterian Games it certainly has pedigree, and it shows in every aspect of the game, the gun play is tight, level design is very interesting (and allows for deformation of textures), when you’re close to death the screen will fade to black (and you though COD started that?). Black was also gorgeous  to look at, heavily influenced by cinema and just a joy to play. Find it. Play it.

Hopefully we’ve opened your eyes to some great games, if you do decide to play any of these games please leave your thoughts on our twitter page, or indeed, in the comment section below! Remember we still have part five to come, Generation 7!

If you hated these games, then flame us! We’re big enough to take your hate!

Basically, if you have any thoughts on what we’re doing here at MrLuvvaLuvva let us know!


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