Let’s Play…Old Games Part Three.

gen 6

Ah Generation 5, most of our readers probably cut their gaming teeth in this generation…as a result 1995-1999 holds a very special place in their hearts, there’s a certain amount of pressure associated with this part of our gaming retrospective. I hope i do you proud Generation 5 aficionados!

Forget your Tekken’s and Tomb Raiders’; move aside Wipeout and Gran Turismo. Here’s the list that you won’t see anywhere else; these are the games that time and gamers have forgot. Let’s resurrect these games…so without further ado, here is MrLuvvaLuvva’s oft-forgotten classics from Generation 5.

6) Future Cop: L.A.P.D (Playstation; 1998) – Originally conceived as part of the hugely successful ‘Strike’ series which underwent a name change due to the lack of success of the Playstation installments ‘Soviet Strike’ and ‘Nuclear Strike’ (in fact after the final credits there is a trailer for ‘Future Strike’). ‘Future Cop’ follows the same template as the popular helicopter simulator – the same isometric viewpoint and crushing difficulty. Players take control of pilots of futuristic motorcycles (that transform into ED-209 type mechs) and attempt to take down a crime cartel; what can make this better? How about full campaign co-op? This is a game that rewards patience and learning the games rules, well worth playing.

5) Space Station Silicon Valley (N64; 1998) – Designed and created by DMA design (we call them Rockstar North these days) set on a spacestation that is hurtling towards earth. You control EVO, a robot who has been destroyed, and through the mechanic of taking control of evolved animal/technology hybrid you will have to solve increasingly difficult puzzles. Using animal abilities to mix up the gameplay means this game is always varying it’s gameplay and stops the player from getting bored. SSSV is an exceptionally good game.

4) X-Men: Children of the Atom (Saturn; 1995) – This arcade gem is often forgotten in the wake of the Street fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom series’ of games. However this is an absolute brilliant 2D beat’em’up. Using a heavily modified version of the original Street Fighter 2 engine with HUGE, exceptionally well animated sprites for the X-Men, this port was incredible, simply put it was as close to the arcade you could’ve got without losing 50p’s at an alarming rate. Forget the more famous 2D fighters, ignore the terrible Playstation port, forget everything but please…play this.

3) Hogs of War (Playstation; 2000) – Official Playstation magazine opened their review with the line “Worms, with pigs” and that is hugely accurate. Hogs of war was a 3D tactics based game that saw teams of pigs try to murder each other mercilessly. Keeping the same type of humour that Worms was famous for including OTT voice over work and sterotypical ‘nations’. Hogs of war looks ugly but boy does it play well. Hunt it down and play this undera-pig-ciated classic…i can’t believe i wrote that line…terrible pun.

2) Die Hard Trilogy (Playstation & Saturn; 1996 & 1997) – Like Die Hard? Want to play through the narrative of the original three movies? Want to do this through three different play styles to avoid repetition? Well that’s what this game lets you do; originally sold on the premise of “3 games in 1” this game delivers on all fronts. DH1 is a third person shooter, DH2 is a virtua cop clone and DH3 is a driving game. All these games were good representations of their genres and combined to create an addictive arcade game that kept giving. John McClain never before looked as good; nor since played as well.

1) Rollcage/Rollcage Stage 2 (Playstation; 1999/2000) – Forget Wipeout, forget Motorhead…for fun, futuristic and unique racing pick up a copy of Rollcage or it’s sublime sequel and know what weapon based racing is. The USP of Rollcage was the fact you could drive really fast on the road, walls and ceilings, Rollcage moves at a blistering pace and still looks pretty good. You deserve to play this game, your PSOne deserves to play this game, hell you can play it without concession on a PSP! No excuses!

Phew! That was tough! Too many classics! This brings us to the half way point of our journey through time and games.. next up Gen 6, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube and Dreamcast! Lots of forgotten classics, lots of great games – this isn’t going to get easier.

Have you enjoyed this series of posts? Please do let us know what you’d like to see next, and tell us how we can make MrLuvvaLuvva even better. You can do this through our twitter page @Mr_Luvva_Luvva or in the comment section below.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Play…Old Games Part Three.

  1. MrJohnSherry says:

    *Reads List*
    “Future Cop – good start”
    “What, no Battle Arena Toshinden?”
    *Flips table*


    • Lol, can’t please everyone, if it’s any consolation Battle Arena Toshinden (bat) was this close *small gap between fingers*! What stopped it was the quite frankly shit BAT3 also the fact it got two sequels might make it more well known, more likely to be played really!


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