Lets Play…Old Games Part Two

SNES and MEga drive

In the second part of our gaming retrospective we’re looking at Generation 4 – what is called by many as the ‘golden’ generation.

Before we start this lets us just say that this article was mega tough to create, this generation had an insane amount of classics to choose from, we had to be pretty cut-throat to whittle our choices to a mere six (sorry Uniracers and The adventures of Batman and Robin).

Without further delay let us introduce our top 6; oft-forgotten, classics of the 4th generation…

6) Tiny Toons Adventures: ACME All-Stars (Megadrive; 1994) – they’re tiny, they’re toony; they’re all a little…SPORTY! In this little known gem the Tiny Toons take part in competitive sports including football (soccer for our american cousins), basketball (basketball for our american cousins) and bowling. All these games are good representations of the sports with the added bonus of ‘wacky’ special moves. The last two sports are Monty Whacking and Obstacle Course – which are fun; if short lived, distractions. Overall though the strength of the other sports make this game stand out amongst other licensed games of the generation. And it wasn’t a lazy platformer! BONUS!

5) Toejam & Earl (Megadrive; 1991)  – Also known as the most 90’s game ever released! Toejam, replete with backwards cap, and Earl with his ‘laid back’, surfer dude personality are two aliens from the planet ‘Funkotron’ who have had an accident over Earth. Now they have to rebuild their spacecraft and get back to their own planet. Set to the smooth sounds of a funk soundtrack these lovable aliens have to safely navigate Earth and avoid those crazy earthlings (including Santa!). Toejam and Earl is very much a co-op rogue-like with procedurally generated levels. With wacky power-ups, neat graphics and an awesome soundtrack, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

4) Krusty’s Funhouse (SNES & Megadrive; 1992) – My personal favourite of all the Simpsons licensed games of the early 90’s (yes i am including the amazing Konami beat’em’up in this) Krusty’s fun house plays like a puzzle-platformer meets Lemmings. You have to redirect an endless stream of mice through the levels to an incineration device; coupled with the early Simpsons humour and cute, well animated sprites make this game a mermorable one.

3) Alien Storm (Megadrive; 1991)  – On a console that housed Streets of Rage and Golden Axe; for a scrolling brawler to get noticed it must be something very special indeed. Alien Storm was very special indeed. On the face of it, it was a simple scrolling blaster, however Alien storm mixed it up by utilising several different type of level, there were the ‘Operation Wolf’ style first person shooting levels, the traditional scrolling levels, and the frenetic ‘running’ levels. Once you factor in the hugely detailed sprites and great digitised speech you have yourself an experience that was only possible on the Megadrive (and arcade) in 1991. Alien Storm is still a firm favourite in LuvvaLuvva towers when it comes to retro-gaming goodness.

2) Sunset Riders (Megadrive & SNES; 1993)  – Another scrolling shooter, this time we travel to the wild west with Billy, Cormano, Bob and… Steve. Granted these are not your usual Cowboy names that would fill outlaw’s hearts with fear. Sleep well however knowing that this is no ordinary scrolling shooter, its detailed levels (that even have stampeding bulls) and frenetic pace will test even the most experienced arcade gamers. Sunset riders was excellent…HELL, sunset riders is still bloody brilliant. Play the SNES version, it is slightly better.

1) Rolo to the rescue (Megadrive; 1992)  – Remember last year, when your friend told you about an indy game that was like nothing else. It was a puzzle-platformer that utilised a cast of characters that each had their own attributes and skills; well this is the game that must have played a huge role in the inception of ‘Thomas was alone’. Meet Rolo, the world’s cutest elephant, as he helps his equally cute friends get to…where ever they were going. Everything that could be said about ‘Thomas was alone’ is equally applicable here (except the narrative); Rolo to the rescue is still bloody brilliant and deserves to be played by everyone. Enjoy!

That’s it for the fourth generation. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to play some games that you haven’t before; hopefully some you’ve never heard of before. We’re not done yet however, we still have gen 5-7 to get through. And get through them we will!

If you know of a game that deserves to be here, flame us in the comments, and social networking.

Tell your friends and family how shit we are for not mentioning your favourite (just don’t forget to give them the URL so they can flame us in the comments too); we deserve these flames, spread the word!


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