Let’s Play…Old Games!


This week was a big week at LuvvaLuvva towers! We ushered in the new era of video games – we welcomed the PS4 into the fold with a loving embrace and also secured ourselves a Hauppauge HD PVR Roket for recording gameplay!

With one eye on the future of gaming (and by extension – the content we offer right here) we find ourselves being inexorably drawn to the games we have left behind.

In an article specifically requested by @dan__kendall we will be exploring games that are worth playing from the past… We at LuvvaLuvva towers felt that this was simply too big a topic for one blog post – as a result will be exploring the top 6 games from the third generation to the 7th generation over a series of posts.

Our lists will be dealing with games that are often forgotten, the games that we grew up playing and enjoying. This allows us to reaffirm our love for them(all whilst driving traffic to eBay or ROM sites – which ever way you play). To avoid being flamed on social media sites and comment section we will warn you – you won’t see Mario, Sonic or other gaming mega-stars. These games may not be the best on their systems but they are games that are very enjoyable in their own right – some of our favourites are here.

Today we’ll be starting with our pick of the third generation.

third gen

gone but never forgotten

6) James Pond II: Robocod (Master System; 1993) – Curiously a re-release of it’s 1991 Mega Drive (Genesis) and Amiga brother Robocod was a very solid conversion that kept much of the originals features (including its kick-ass Robcop parody theme tune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOFvxcfDEJo) while obviously being scaled down and cut back. Robocod harks back to a time where shameless product placement was common-place as you collected McVities Penguin bars (apparently leading to them outselling KitKat for the first time) but it is a solid platformer and deserves your attention.

5) Fantasy Zone (Master System; 1986) – What can be said about fantasy zone, that isn’t already apparent by its awesome music? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcqJGwH8lBY) Well it is a super cute side scrolling shooter in which you control a spaceship called Opa-Opa across a variety of pastel coloured planets tackling gradually more challenging bosses until the last; incredibly tough level, which is a boss gaunlet. A great game by any standards.

4) Strider (Master System/NES; 1991) –  We all know Strider thanks to the superlative release at the start of the year. Before that reboot though he was a forgotten hero and this port is often forgotten too! Despite the fact that it was a solid conversion of the arcade game. Obviously it was scaled back to the point of almost being unrecognisable – but where it is familiar and very impressive is in the action (where it counts). Strider was a joy to play on the master system and deserves some recognition.

3) Spy vs Spy (Master System/NES; 1986) – A true forgotten classic. Split screen deathmatch multiplayer on a master system! Revolutionary at the time, the aim was to collect items that were required to leave the level – simple. This was complicated by your foe who was also searching for said objects so you had to set booby traps to kill your opponent and slow them down – while trying to avoid their traps! This conversion of the arcade game had all the intrigue and gameplay and it maintained the important sense of humour – we need more games like Spy vs Spy! Play this!

2) Wanted!/Duck Hunt (Master system 1989/NES; 1987) – I couldn’t decide between these two classic light gun games. Wanted! was a master system exclusive in which you were a Sheriff taking out wanted criminals, with some levels on horse back to mix the action up it was the best use of the SEGA blaster. Duck Hunt…is Duck Hunt, ’nuff said really.

1) Operation Wolf (NES/Master System; 1990) – A side scrolling light gun game that allowed you to live out your Rambo fantasies (after your older brother let you watch the movie with him as long as you didn’t tell dad!). Go through several stages shooting bad guys in the face, rescuing hostages, securing intel and ending the war – like COD but without the 14year olds berating your mother after every shot! Operation Wolf was the shiznit (watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=088y5VDQFzA).

In Part two we will be exploring the ‘Golden’ generation (4) and unveiling classic games you really should play – anyway you can!

Have you any fond memories of games from Generation 3? If so please tell us in the comment section below. Or flame our choices; either is good.



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