4th July celebration…the best world building sims


July 4th 1776. The day the British were defeated. The day a nation was born. At MrLuvvaLuvva we like the idea of building things, specifically our own worlds. Sometimes we wonder which world building sim is the best; seriously we’ve lost sleep over this question. It’s very upsetting. Let us now try to answer this while celebrating Independence day because in America freedom is the only way!

Will Smith Jeff Goldbloom

Wrong independence day? I hope aliens don’t attack today – that would be awkward. Let’s get back on track…

5) Tropico (series) – It does not get more american than taking control of a man simply named ‘El Presidente’ (AMERICA!) and creating a paradise for yourself (screw everyone else) on an island quite clearly based on the most American of the 51 states…Cuba! You’ll make decisions based on what you feel is the best for your nation (screw the world, this is your world). You’ll have to balance financial, religious, business and personal needs of everyone on your island; or you can create a dictatorship and murder all who oppose…whatever you like!

4) The Sims (series) – Imagine your perfect street; who’d live there? Now you can imagine no more, with The Sims the street of your dreams is now the street of your digital reality! And all you’ll need to do is purchase approx.3,000,000 £19.99 expansion packs! Getting off the topic of price gouging The Sims is actually a tidy world builder with a crazy amount of freedom, create a family and remove the doors to their house trapping them inside and watch the drama unfold! OR you could, y’know do things right and allow them to prosper (American dream) then create a series of events that will crush their spirits, or their physical bodies – leaving only a zombie! The Sims are unable to really think for themselves and i cannot think of anything more American than that! It’s what they fought for….

3) Civilisation (series) – Take your chosen country from the stone age to the space age while invading and smashing all those who oppose you/those you don’t like (AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!); you could also take the diplomatic route and appease would-be enemies (worked well for Chamberlain with Hitler – it’ll work for you). Civilisation is a deep, slow paced game that requirements a certain time investment, this is rewarded by offering a level of satisfaction that is unrivaled in the majority of other games. That satisfaction will be wiped away when the inevitable Ghandi full frontal assault wipes you off the face of the planet. Ghandi is a dick!

2) Minecraft – Made by one man; a man with a vision and a more pleasant demeanour than Phil Fish. Notch offered all others who have a vision the opportunity to realise this vision in his ‘blank canvas’ game. You can create anything you want, be it a building or an entire world; Minecraft is now one of the most successful games in history. Perhaps this is the pinnacle of the creator sims – in Notchs own words “if you sit planning then you’ll never get anywhere” – that’s the most American thing i’ve ever heard with a Scandinavian accent. AMERICA!

1) Simcity (series) – Create a city, watch it prosper, destroy it when it’s usefulness is done. This is Simcity; it is also America! That’s why Simcity is number 1. It encapsulates everything that America is about; your city is free from all outside interference and you are in charge with no-one to answer to. Plus it has tornadoes and hurricanes – IRL America has these things too! Weird huh? Just play it!

I’m sure i haven’t mentioned your favourite world creator sim, so why not vociferously let me know in the comment section below…

I’ll leave you with a link to the American national anthem…happy 4th July!


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