Summer game drought. Is it a good thing?


July is here, the summer steam sale has ended, this can only mean one thing…Summer! And more importantly the annual Summer Games Drought, the most dreaded of all annual releases (yes more so than the COD). Before mass panic begins let us reflect, is it possible that this annual event is actually a good thing?

Lets look at what the game drought means for me personally; every year I use the lack of new releases to really dive into my backlog. this year I have Dishonored, Pokemon Y, Mafia 2, MGS 2 & 3, Bully & Resident evil 0 – Revelations; i would never have the time throughout the rest of the year to even think about tackling that list, but during the drought I dare to dream. The fact that i’m playing games i already own means i’m not spending any money – this makes MrsLuvvaLuvva very happy indeed (“least he’s not wasting money on crap” – is what she’d say)!

Another positive facet of the summer games drought is that it generally doesn’t stretch into the digital sphere, we have Microsoft’s ‘Summer of Arcade’ to look forward to…but it has been suspended this year so it leaves us in the unfortunate position of having not much beyond ‘The Last of Us’ remaster. Sad times. Although you can enjoy that modern masterpiece at a leisurely pace and drink it in, allowing each and every emotional moment impact you the way Naughty Dog intended.

The summer is a time for going out and enjoying yourself, says non-gamers.

I proclaim the summer to be the only time we can enjoy games the way they were intended to be enjoyed!

Pick a game and play it at your own pace, safe in the knowledge you are missing no major releases.

Get your 1000g/Platinum trophy.

Complete that game that has been mocking you from the shelf.

Take back your hobby!

Above all of this, have fun!

What game will you be playing for the summer?

Do you have a number of games that need to be completed?

Why not share it in the comments below?

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