Alternative football games to enjoy

LogoFootball, soccer, fútbol, voetbal, Fußball or whatever you call it… has taken over the world. With the FIFA World Cup in full swing; much to the delight of everyone at MrLuvvaLuvva, we couldn’t let this momentous occasion go un-videogamed. so let us introduce to you the oft-forgotten football games of the past.

1) Soccer Brawl (Neo Geo) – A Futuristic soccer-game that took the best thing about football and American football, smashed them together, chucked it into a cybernetically enhanced future and called it a day. Typically for a Neo-Geo game it featured huge sprites and special moves. This game really was something back in the day – now it’s unfortunately been consigned to the forgotten bin of doom. Such a shame.

2) Fever Pitch (Mega drive/Genesis) – On release this game was hailed as a “FIFA killer” Fever Pitch was released to huge critical acclaim. On the surface (and from screenshots) it looks almost identical to FIFA ’95 but when you play the game the differences slap you in the face. There are several special players, a defender who’d be at home on the gridiron, a midfielder who is a diver, a tricky midfielder, a striker who can curl the ball and finally a striker who can hit the ball so hard it becomes a fireball. Fever pitch was great!

3) Adidas Power Soccer (PSOne) – Adidas power soccer was a game series that never enjoyed critical success, but it enjoyed relative commercial success. Again it is a soccer game that incorporates special powers (fireball shots and the like); this was above average on release and is worth a game in multiplayer for the laugh. It’s a World Cup year, why not?

4) Red Card Soccer (PS2/GameCube/Xbox) – An average soccer game on release, red card was hilarious as it allowed for some outrageous tackles, want to break a players legs? Red Card Soccer allows you to do this! want to grapple a player to the ground? Yup! Want to score world class goals from outrageous distances? Sure (although the shooting physics are weird).

5) Viva Football (PSOne) –  Viva football was a a strange one, follow the journey of televised soccer, play in every major tournament including the ’58 – ’98 World Cups. The real catch is that each squad has correct players ‘each with individual  characteristics; visually the game was quite good, with a great touch of the older tournaments are displayed in black and white, with video degradation! The shooting model was crazy bad, passing had a strange lag, and scoring required ninja-like reflexes and concentration – why not give it a go!

6) Libero Grande (PSOne) – A full decade before EA attempted ‘be a pro’ Namco released Libero Grande, a football game in which you play as one player (a central midfielder but with a free role hence libero). This unique hook was a great idea, however the AI of your teammates left a lot to be desired, they would pass to you all the time, regardless of how much space you had. Is it worth playing? Yes – if just to see how much EA and Konami have aped the idea.

Are you watching the FIFA world cup?

Know of any more football games that should be on this list?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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