What we want to see at E3


E3 will be upon us in 3 days! As gamers this is the time when everything and anything seems possible and likely! However come the 13th June we will be left with a bitter resentment and disappointment. It is not the 13th yet however so let’s play the dream game; these are just a few of the things we would love to see announced at E3 2014.

The last Guardian (PS3 & PS4) – Let’s get this out of the way early, first announced in E3 2009 and still nothing more than a short video and a few screenshots. Come on Team ICO give us this game; and by the way make it a PS3/PS4 cross generational title.

Shenmue 3 (Dreamcast 2) – While we have been awaiting the announcement of Shenmue 3 SEGA have secretly been beavering away on their new hardware; the Dreamcast 2. This E3 they will announce both simultaneously, to rapturous applause and fanboy fervour. Imagine playing a new Rystar or Vectorman followed by Streets of Rage 4; exclusively on Dreamcast 2 (Alien Storm 2 yet to be announced).

Star Wars: Han Solo (Multi) – The long awaited, holy grail of star wars games, this should be the answer to millions of nerds dreams worldwide. It will be a prequel-sequel filling in many gaps in Han Solo’s backstory; the narrative will begin on Kashyyyk, where a baby Han Solo is left on the doorstep of a loving Wookie family. It will end just before episode VII. Fans; this is the star wars experience you’ve always wanted.

F-Zero U/StarFox U/1080 Snowboarding U (WiiU) – These are franchises that people are desperate for Nintendo to bring back. Hopefully the success of Mario Kart 8 rekindles Nintendo’s love of money and they see sense and announce these killer apps. Going on Nintendo’s past though, they’ll probably announce a new Pokemon Rumble and be done with it. #hipsterNintendo

Arcade resurgence (Arcade) – After SEGA announce the Dreamcast 2 they happen to mention the name ‘Naomi II’; this will signal the call of the arcade. I was in an arcade recently and it filled me with a joy i haven’t experienced in a long time, its a feeling i want more often. Midway will come back from beyond the grave and announce a new Hydrothunder, Disney a modern version of ‘that’ Star Wars cabinet, Sega will tease a new outrun arcade and Bandai-Namco will unveil Tekken 2: Redux. Viva le’arcade.

A naughty dog Crash Bandicoot (Xbox One) – You know all those people leaving naughty dog? That’s because of ‘creative differences’ with Sony over the direction Crash should go in, Those folks have been making a new company and they will release a new Crash Bandicoot on Xbox One to spite Sony. Loverly!

Remember where you read these first guys! We wholeheartedly believe each of these will happen ¬_¬


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