5 types of annoying video gamers

When people think of people who play video games, they get the image of a lonely guy sitting alone in his room playing ‘Super Mario’ with the curtains closed; that sunlight causes cancer don’t ya know.


But this view is wrong; very wrong.

At MrLuvvaLuvva we’ve researched this extremely complex field of gamers and have identified 5 core types of gamer who piss us all off.

1. The Video Game Hipster 

ImageHipsters are fun. They do all the stuff we love; but they did them waaaaaaaayyyyy before we did. This makes them better than us.

Video game hipsters are no different, they are loud, obnoxious and downright annoying. Remember: they preferred playing Mario games when he was called ‘Jumpman’.

Where do they hangout?

Video game Hipsters can be found in smaller gaming establishments, usually behind the counter berating your choice in video game entertainment. Now that the high street is dead; they hang in forums in massive numbers; waiting to pounce on you when you drunken divulge your love for ‘Just Dance 2014’ – they stopped dancing when Michael Jackson made it mainstream.

What do they play?

It used to be indies – until Youtube and Sony made them sell out. Now mods are there last bastion in one-ups-manship. They love prop hunter – so enter at your own peril!

2. The Annual Updater


We all know one; calls himself a gamer, only buys two annual updates a year – “tell ya what though, kick your ass at fifa!”


Where do they hangout?

Football clubs across the country, ‘Game’ stores but mostly on Call of duty, Madden, Fifa WWE etc. servers.

What do they play?

Call of duty, Madden, Fifa, WWE etc.

3. The Casual Gamer


Does that pic above look familiar? Probably does; this is the work of these guys!

There is a cycle of casual gaming;

1. Find incredibly simple, yet addictive game

2. Drop a crazy amount of money on micro-transactions

3. Obsess for a week

4. Repeat from step one

Where do they hangout?

Facebook and the App Store looking for ‘F2P’ games to obsess over and piss off all their friends on facebook with requests of help and/or lives!

What do they play?

Candy Crush Saga and Flappy bird.

4. The Serial Buyer


We all love video games; they’re great. Serial buyers however merely like BUYING video games! They’ll buy titles in threes or fours, their steam collection is mental; these guys OWN the 37% of Steam games that have never been installed. Yet they keep on buying. Their slogan?

“I don’t think i’ll ever play this; but any games worth a tenner”

Where do they hangout?

Ebay and various auction sites, the game department of any store, Game stores for their collectors editions and Steam sales.

What games do they play?

You can play games now?

5. Indie Guy

Wondering how that friend is always playing new games yet you have never seen enter a videogame store? Then you’ve probably got an ‘indie-guy’ as a friend. This friend will never play Gears of war with you; he’s too busy playing a ‘real’ shooter; the ‘Binding of Isaac’ or some such!

In the ‘indie-guy’ world pixel art isn’t so much a stylistic choice, but it is the only choice!

2D is the new 3D; which was, in turn, the new 2D.

It’s easy to confuse the ‘indie-guy’ for the hipster, as they’ve played oyur favourite indie title ‘years ago’ – Damn You PC Master Race!

Where do they hangout?

Trawling through internet pages looking for the latest, hottest indie developers.

What games do they play?

Loads, as they all last 2 hours.

Can you think of any other annoying video gamers? If so leave a comment below

2 thoughts on “5 types of annoying video gamers

  1. Ciaran Petticrew says:

    I can safely say im none of the above.lol im the type of gamer ho plays a variety of games but i voice my opinion loudly when i enjoy a really good game!


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