Top 5 Streams On Twitch

TwitchTVPlaying games is just too mainstream these days. I mean, everyone does it, the only thing left for us proper gamers to do is to watch others play the games we’d like to play.

Here’s MrLuvvaLuvva’s personal recommendations for streams on you should be watching – right now.

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Presented by the Top of the pops presenter on everybody’s lips … Jimmy Saville

Jimmy saville totp

*cue a whole lotta love*

“hi and welcome to the premier edition of … TOP OF THE STREAMS”

“In at number 5”

5) Excessiveprofanity –

I recently uncovered this guy while watching another streamer, he streams at 12pm GMT and plays a massive range of games; he is currently battling his way through Dark Souls 2. He has a background in the videogame industry and can offer really good insight. However as his name would suggest he uses quite ‘fruity’ language so NSFW but its fucking brilliant and fucking hilarious – bitches! Watch this guy, he’s gonna be huge!

“I don’t agree with his language, but his ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude is effing great…i’ll borrow that”

“In at 4”

4) Towelliee

Towelliee is a U.S. streamer who plays a range of games including the ever popular World of Warcraft and the streamers favourite DayZ. Sunday’s are ‘Subscriber Sunday’ in which Towelliee takes requests on what he plays. (subscriptions are $5 a month, roughly £3 in real money) This guy is a beast LOOK AT HIM!!


“Well that’s sexier than a room of BBC interns”

” Our number 3″

3) JayEX23 –

An Englishman kicking it with the big boys. JayEX23 originally found fame (and infamy) on youtube with his ‘lets play’ videos, he’s made the move to live broadcasting and it’s a move that suits him. He is currently playing games including Trials Fusion & The ARMA 3 mod Battle Royale. Currently his streaming times vary, but he can be caught between 12pm and 5pm.

“OOOSH, we’re getting into the business end of… er business…”

“…Number 2”

2) ManVsGame –

Manvsgame is the original twitch superstar! He plays a gigantic range of games such as Dark Souls, Diablo, Trials fusion and Strider. His production values are amongst the best on twitch and he commands massive viewing figures consistently (around 8-12K). He is funny and a pretty good gamer – reminds me of Jim Carrey at times; the only downfall is he begins his streams at 8pm PST, which translates to 3am GMT. Never mind theres always his VOD.

“Man vs game? More like man gotta game!”

“AMIRIGHT? … Anyway our champion stream is…”

1) Lirik –

For my money the best stream on twitch. Lirik is hugely entertaining, his range of games is smaller than other streams – but he is genuinely very knowledgable about the games he plays which currrently include DayZ, DayZ Battle Royale and various ‘life mods’. He streams in a GMT friendly slot (around 4pm GMT) and is well worth a watch.


“Thats all we have time for today, but thanks for tuning in. And remember if you can wish it… Jim’ll fix it”

Wrong show Jimmy! But thanks for all the good work today!

If you know of any other streamers, who you feel should be immortalised on let us know in the comment section below!


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