A new hope…

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What is MrLuvvaLuvva then?

An irreverent look at all things video games of course!

What things can you expect? Well; let me tell ya buddy, it’s gonna be great!

  • I’ll be commentating on news.
  • Reviewing terrible-slash-average games from my backlog* in a feature I’m calling 7/10 game-a-thon.
  • Reviewing more recent games**
  • I’ll also be reviewing any terrible games you guys*** suggest.
  • Random musings that may be in video, pictorial or riddle form****
  • Keep an eye on my twitter for snack-size snippets of what to expect including***** 6 word reviews and news headlines straight from the llamas’ mouth.

Hilarity is guaranteed******

Tell your friends!

I’ll already get this stuff from other websites; why should I read this crap?

You shouldn’t, but don’t let that stop you!

How often will you be posting, fine sir?

Three times a week my good man. Unless there’s loads going on, then who knows? No-one knows, no-one.

I need an example of your stuff give me a 6 word review for GTA:V!

Nudity, fellatio, heists and radio? Great!

I see.

Yeah you do!

This is shit already, I’m out!

No! Wait! Come back! Let’s just forget all this nasty business……………..please


*some absolute crackers there ¬_¬

**Spoiler alert – some games may actually be new – not all games will be terrible.

***if anyone hangs around long enough to suggest any games

****may not actually be in riddle form, in fact it definitely never will. Fact.

*****but not exclusive to! Note: this may be everything

******not a guarantee

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